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Hmmm.... hahha still working on it.
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SAM Hmmm.... hahha still working on it.
Def Character 2007-01-24 17:18:44 Keep it up ^^
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Daughter of the Earth
Squiditha inspired artwork. i cant find my color pencils T.T
yay its LUFFY from one peice!
i did this with ink, and i put it in sketches because.. well i didnt want all pictures in one place
Another joke, but it's done with more care :D More at Resized it a bit)
The Finalized Ganbatte! Art for me fren. Enjoy!
A sketch of my boyfriend that I made!!!^_~ (you can also find it at :
It is my first picture in these style)
Sakura dosnt suck anymore, hazaa! done in ink and pencil cryons
I was looking at the topic drawings, and I thought it would be fun to draw a knight. Wish I'd never thought that. I didn't know that drawing a helmet would be so much trouble. Plus I overdid it a bit with all the feathers and wings on it. Next time, it'll be a knight without a helmet ^_^ Oh, and sorry again for the bad scanning quality *sigh*
This is my first artwork here. The scanning quality is bad, but please tell me what you think.
Well i dont have to say much i think n_n...i think this "art"will say enough ^_~
Merry x-mash you all!
this took me a while with procrastination and all, 10-15 hours.<br>
this was actually an experiment for the most part. tried a different method of lineart, printing out the rough blue sketch and doing linework with a pencil right over the blue.<br>
and also it's a lighting frenzy! i really wanted to work on secondary lighting and such, and other coloring methods in corel painter. i think it came out pretty good! ^_^
Dustin C.