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A girl sketched in multiple poses while in school class studying something I forgot already.
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konflikti A girl sketched in multiple poses while in school class studying something I forgot already.
1-MM-1 2007-01-20 22:41:35 loven the poses like her eyes you draw very well
Wicked_Lady 2007-01-21 13:14:40 Nice poses. She looks kinda evil, though O.o Me likes ^_^
Def Character 2007-01-22 00:57:38 Great posing ^^
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Random art
Advice for comics please..
Another one of my older pics.
Beautyface from my scetchbook. scanner screwed up the dynamic of the picture though -.-
It occured to me that I don't very often draw people with attitudes.  Like, a lot of my gallery are people with this calm sort of smirk on their face.  And don't get me wrong, I like that calm little upturned smirk (like they're plotting something, hehe) but I thought a change in pace might be in order.
So, we have an emo kid, whipped up in all of an hour.  Enjoy.
!!<< doodle time >>!! I was practicing the female anatomy ^_^ I guess it's obvious


This is my first ever posting on this site! I'm not to pleased about the way this picture turned out :( but please (pretty please) tell me what you think!!
Some dude that is giving you "the look".
This is just some fast pen doodle :3.
Yah the stripes drive me crazy too.

Hmmm... they remind me of candy, why is that -_-'
Hello everybuddy :) The name's Gene. Nice to meet you all! I have to apologize now. Yep, I was Jean Jaque, but... that was just a little joke ^^' That day I was in a crazy mood, let's say. But you guys gave me such a warm welcome, and there really are some great artists arround here!.. so I thought, let's behave^^ Hope u can forgive me..
I'm a drawing-partner of Fate. (got much respect for this great artist) Well... now you know some of me.. here's some of my art. I made this drawing in Artrage (maybe not that familiar ammong all the beautiful programs) I've also put a little filter on it, using Photoshop. Now.. gimme some comments ;) see ya!
Self-portrait done in Photoshop.
Collabtime! Original sketch and design by Lozz  <(^_^<)
Def Character
Just sketching...
LM MENTS page 4