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God, I hate folds >.<;;
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sleepless God, I hate folds >.<;;
Def Character 2007-01-17 03:18:11 But, but it seems you don't have any problems with them? Is she wearing socks?
1-MM-1 2007-01-17 04:19:18 very cool awsome ya drawin folds do suck after awhile it just becomes anoing lol
mantoro021 2007-01-17 06:37:56 wow well drawn! keep it coming. and yeah folds are a real pain to do. but urs was a good attempt. Dun lose faith!
sleepless 2007-01-17 06:40:10 lol I don't know what she's wearing, was too lazy to draw some shoes >.< Thanks for the comments ^^
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~Hey MWS^^ I know it's not manga, but this is some crazy shit I drew a couple hours ago with Neo Piko markers. Didn't know I could do this actually ;)...Anyway--->Still in progress!! Lemme know what ye think =)
hmm I hope you will like this XD
A group picture of me (middle) and a couple of my friends. I've been told the likenesses are fairly good- my friends could recognise themselves! More mates of mine are going to be added but it's 3 of us for now. C&C?
Makiko waited, but Itachi never returned.
A character of myself.
Yuna Fanart. Color Pencils. C&C please
well it maby isnt really anime but i still want to show it this is for a game that me and 2 other class mates are going to make it will be a raptor like game only than totaly modeld in 3d max and this will be a enemy aircraft carrier. i know the persepective is of here and there but still injoy ^^
Hey MWS! After a month or two of being talentless, I'm finally posting something. ^^;; I've noticed that the people around MWS lately have been getting better and better... hope I don't disappoint. This peice here took me about 12 hours to do... those trees killed my time. ><;; I drew this on paper, scanned it, then gave it life with Photoshop CS and my tablet. I got very lazy when it came to the ground... but I wasn't so sure what I should do with it. ^^;; Anyway, hope you like it. For better quality;
got extremely side-tracked from drawing my manga and did this. I am extremely pleased with it. Comments and Critizisms?
Now its not really finish but i dnt want to mess with either...its confussing
I drew it last year, for the website of the fellowship in my school. If you do read bible, you may know who this guy is.

you can see more of my non-manga artworks in my xanga:
Manga Art
Why are there so few options on the Topic? :S
Anyway, here is a pic from a little series which features eagles and strange ladies without a mouth...I'm finishing the 3d one at this moment. Hope you like it, since it's not really manga-only ^^'
A traditionl girl in a neat kimono weilding a wild sword