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The Finalized Ganbatte! Art for me fren. Enjoy!
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mantoro021 The Finalized Ganbatte! Art for me fren. Enjoy!
Def Character 2007-01-16 07:46:09 Even better ^^
Wicked_Lady 2007-01-16 09:44:04 Very nice, you have a cool coloring style =)
sleepless 2007-01-17 23:37:34 o_o awesome!!
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Random art
Mech-esque pirate warrior?
Lol, anyways, enjoy! C&c please. ^^
Another girl just a model this time...
For my color commissions. If you want one, it's cash by mail, or we could do a trade. Color commissions are only 8-10 US dollars, depending on the time it takes me to complete it....yeah. If you want one, lemme know~

I've already made like, $40 so far. ^^
hi im new here this is my first picture ever, colored in photoshop
the same pic. as above but with color:D
not finished but i like it so far, wow is been a while.. again
Alissa and Peter again, both my characters ^_^
this one i made for the cdcover of my electro/industrial project 'hexabit' but i'm not really happy with the way it turned out..i hope you gys like it anyway!
I meant this to be a rough idea for a comic... but it kind of turned out to be a one page short... hopefully I can get myself to create a full comic someday ha ha
An image that never got finished. This is when I first started experimenting with digital inking Illustrator. I should really redo this some time.
Kirin again :3 one of my characters.
well here is the background of my christmiss card i thought i just showed because it was really some work to make its al done in photoshop whit a very cheap tablet ^^
I've drew this in my sketch book I think that I must colour it so give your comments and keep arting
The wolf was drawn by me and the guy was drawn by MatthewMolko. I coloured the picture using photoshop, matthew helped me colour the guys face. ^^