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Just something I'm working on ... erm, nothing special really, just another cat boy thingie X3
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Lozz Just something I'm working on ... erm, nothing special really, just another cat boy thingie X3
Def Character 2007-01-15 15:06:36 Lozz is going furry ^^
ukkie 2007-01-16 06:32:53 well that's something different, usually people draw a catgirl and not a boy ^_^ I like it ^_^
Wicked_Lady 2007-01-16 09:48:40 =D He looks cute! I like the fishy <3 And his face, great expression. Very nice sketch.
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Just a doodle. Actually drawn this one in the middle of the night, dunno why, just felt like it. I'm planning on coloring this one, but since my HD got 'accidently' formatted, I now no longer have Photoshop! -_-' In any case, crit if you'd like to. :)
Drawed my friend while having a boring class in school. All mouse and photoshop cs about 1 hour
hehe, my dark side. I was inspired by a porn movie to make his pic. enjoy it
archangel michael (c) emerson tung.
It's baked beans for my friend's birthday, i quickly cleaned up most of the picture, but i plan to color it within the next week, so lemme know what you think
A colored version of my drawing of L from Death Note. L feels blue with his Love Note
The demon in the Faust legend bargains with the latter for wealth, knowledge, etc. in exchange for his soul.
design for fun

This was done over a year and a half ago; my friend and I fawned over Zack after seeing Last Order. That's when I had red hair lol
hey ! it's a maid XD I was studying the clothes and the positioning in here, I used a reference though. the hand is a bit off, but I don't really care XP *tehe*
This is the main character for the manga my friend and I are working on.
yurusanzo without the short jacket... i drew alot at work today out of boredom but i wont post it all in one go cause id be spamming the board