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Hiya! Whew, I miss this site and the old members T_T Haven't done manga stuff in ages T_T hope you'll like this ^^
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sleepless Hiya! Whew, I miss this site and the old members T_T Haven't done manga stuff in ages T_T hope you'll like this ^^
Avaeccus 2007-01-15 07:55:30 nice style
Def Character 2007-01-15 09:59:06 Shame on you Sleepy for having us wait for so long Good to have ya back... I missed your art for sure ^_^
AnimeminA 2007-01-15 14:05:54 beautiful, just beautiful T_T
breathingishibashi 2007-01-16 07:08:47 stellar vinyette* it is absolutely sublime~~will you give it a background or color it?**are you familiar with Kou and You Yoshinari's work?~ you works seem very similar to me~~~~all that aside, it is truly gorgeous. was it done simply in pen and ink?
sleepless 2007-01-16 20:08:50 Thank you guys ^^. BreathingIshibashi : I don't think I'll color or put background on this. I don't like her anatomy, folds, and hair flow, they're messed up ^^; well this is just an attempt to get used to drawing again anyway ^^;; I don't think I've heard of Kou and Yoshinari. I'm a big fan of Masakazu Katsura (I's, DNA) and try to use his style a lot on hair, though I could never get to his level >.<. Yes this was done in ink, well pencil sketch before that. Thanks for the comment ^^
TheDarkHell 2007-02-01 17:04:50 u back ?!? ... hurray .. let the lord be praised .. :3 .. nice pic btw :P
Kaizu 2008-02-13 18:31:31 Nice one :)
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Random art
Practicing poses wich I colored really quick. This one is actually a few weeks old but thought I should put it up anyway, been gone for a while so yeah :P 
Got so much W.I.P's I need to finish.... And I will work on them starting today so I'll be uploading a lot of new pictures soon! =D
actiony, ain't it? the newest page of DRAW! with Tachi Kawa and Big Ron Tappon, who will win?
Dustin C.
Colered Manga Art.
This being the most recent is one of my favorites mainly because of the color
Sozo teki
Original Chibi character and pet.
just made it....its a dark evil boy.....meybe the Good boy?
This is Jo's agnry faic. >:C

Uh, little random study-hall induced crackdoodles. Blame my friend. These were actually on the opposite sides of the paper, but yay photoshop.
I haven't uploaded my artwork here in ages, I've been trying to improve my drawing as well as my coloring skills. This is just some random girl I started drawing, in the end i liked how it turned out so I added some coloring to it.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! a monster ooo i draws it eh he....he 6^^
pencil no jutsu
Another crappy sketch. It actually looked better when it was REALLY sketchy, but of course I had to ruin it with shading. :/ My art teacher was nagging me to draw some figure art, so this is what he got. Badly drawn. No references. 10 minutes. 8D Go me. It looks like a futanari with washboard abs; those hips are way too feminine. Uh... yeah. Lousy sketch - no crits. I know of all of my anatomy flaws. 8D   - by the way, it's supposed to be like one of those Greek statues that invaders destroyed- hence the lack of limbs and a head. And the very blatant greek-ness of it.
short story page 1
Dustin C.
This is a very old drawing of mine. I colered it to make even better than the scetch version.
=3 hi everyone =3. i am making this under request at gaia. There is something VERY WRONG i dont know what it is so any comments and criticism are welcome =/ i guess is her left arm but i dont know why it is so odd >_<. She is supouse to be inside a hollow tree with huge leaves and bleh bleh bleh fog it has a sort of middle east style etc etc etc ...
My 1st oekaki on the MWN test oekaki-board. Nice, keep the board!