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here are concepts of the POSSIBLE male main character for my doujin. it's not final, but just a concept.
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Shinfate here are concepts of the POSSIBLE male main character for my doujin. it's not final, but just a concept.
Def Character 2007-01-13 12:41:34 Ehm Hayate... how young is the main char ?
Shinfate 2007-01-13 14:03:02 well, I think about 17 - 18?
Def Character 2007-01-13 19:26:02 That explanes the babyfaces ^^ is it just me or should the heads be a tiny bit bigger ^^
Nagashiwa 2007-01-14 05:19:13 the right one let me thinks about Tidus XD
Shinfate 2007-01-14 05:21:32 me too XD that's why I like that version ^^"
Zeph 2007-01-15 00:37:45 i think you should draw the characters at other angles of the face, rather than just 3/4s to the left. But very nice. I'm more of a fan of the right one, and they heads should be a little bigger
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What's up workshop.  It's been way too long since my last upload so I decided to get off my lazy butt and draw something.  Check it out!
zacky vengeance from avenged sevenfold. JPEG screwed up the colors.
Just practicing (do you write it like this??) some effects and I like the outcome ^^
first try with markers. not that great, but it was fun. I called him sparky and it kind of stuck...
A colord version of an pic i uploaded sum weeks ago (btw i gots photoshop yay)^^
i tryed to fix tje gun but just making it black i suppose it looks better but... hmm still not happy ah well fist try on photoshop i dun think its to bad hope u all like it 
hello :)
heh, ironicly the day i upload something new is the same day all my stuff get's deleted ^_^ well it's not actually ''new'' it's an old thing i redrew, only this one has a face on it :D   ah well, i'm back guys ^_^
Another of my characters.
Pan in Greek religion & mythology, is the god of shepherds  & flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting & rustic music. He is often identified with a flute, pipe or some other wind instrument. I just made up the set of pipes in my drawing. I'm sure Pan could figure out how to play a tune on it, eh?
What on earth does this count as?
my monk from ragnarok online
just practicing a little bit of perspective :3
Blonde Girl missing her Boyfriend