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Oh dear, I'm sooo sleepy, I'v run out of things to draw and to make matters worse my garden fence has just blown over @_@
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Lozz Oh dear, I'm sooo sleepy, I'v run out of things to draw and to make matters worse my garden fence has just blown over @_@
Def Character 2007-01-11 12:11:52 SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE =D
Def Character 2007-01-11 12:17:02 You didn't got any sleep when I warned ya eh....
Lozz 2007-01-11 13:35:12 I tried, really I did >_<'
Shinfate 2007-01-11 14:48:09 hey don't give us that face! XP anyhow, keep drawing ^_^
yurusanzo 2007-01-11 14:58:42 when i left you were on a posting marathon, guess you havent stopped since then XD... get some sleep lol
Lozz 2007-01-11 16:19:09 Yeah, they are kinda big aren't they XD
lotsofblood 2007-01-11 23:30:31 we do always draw big boobs when we run out of things to draw
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Random art
nutin special
The colored version of one of the pics in my lineart bin, traditionally colored, I like how it sorta came out, but then again, I'm incredibly picky. Biology, its character and ideas are copyrighted 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque.
i guess i was just sketching around in photoshop and this pooped out of my stylus :D
it was kind of experimenting with opacity and pen effects and stuff also :P
yes. her weapon is a magical/transformable guitar. 

kiyaa (c) emerson tung
yes yes yall
this is a preveiw of what i of the 3rd collabe 
all i have left to do is ink it and some color
its a litte messed up so i wont give away the story 
drop a comment on what u think of all the pages
<b>Goose Chase - Section B</b><br/><br/>This is but 1 small section of a bigger picture I am planning to draw and colour ^^;<br/><br/>I you enjoy looking at this picture as much as me =)
A fanart i dedicated to "Puella Magi Kazumi Magica" manga.

These two cuties are Airi Anri (the short hair) and Yuuri Asuka (with ponytails), in their Puella Magi form, in their normal form, and in their witch form.

Yuuri and Airi - Kazumi Magica series
my monk from ragnarok online
Manga Art
Hai, this is my first art wordk,I am realy satisfied.

well this is a rainbow girl i like the collers.
Pleas tell me what you think about this artwork??? ^_^
Matt with a poorly drawn Fender Telecaster. I like my airbrushing though XD.
There was a couple mistakes...
Sakura dosnt suck anymore, hazaa! done in ink and pencil cryons
white haired warrior woman.  heh.