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tis me, back from the dead...
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yurusanzo tis me, back from the dead...
Def Character 2007-01-11 02:31:11 Oh noes a zombie <(#.#<) good to have you back ^^
Dustin C. 2007-01-11 07:35:44 cool perspective. ^_^
Shinfate 2007-01-11 14:51:50 very good ^^ needs a little work though, either she's very tall(a giant) or she has very small feet, at least that's what I think
1-MM-1 2007-01-13 13:33:25 nice an dynamic like she s comen at me
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Random art

I was bored. I saw a tree. I had paper. I'm rondomly crazzy. I drawed.... nimfs.. elfs.. fearie, whatever you want to call it. my friends were pretty posotive, so I put it on the site.
Azmina is her name. She's a wizard. see more at
lol I have harder time coming up with a description than I do drawing the pictures
The Ultamite battle between the created and their creator...mwa ha ha
my second attempat ms paint... its not finished yet, im developing this character, im gona give her a couple of freckles across her nose and a sort of daisy chain thing in her hair....any name suggestions?X
carla maria
This is my first time that i haven't drawn somebody from just the front.
Crits and comments appreciated Xd
Muru Kitty
hellooooooooooow.. hey everybudy look whit your eyes too the eyes. haha mzzl...    zigit.^_^
Aries in middle age. She is already going in the Attune Academy(Warriors School)
i made it for a drawing contest , yun lang, haha wala lang, wala na kong maisip na description eh
A pic with an unusual theme, sweaters. Don't ask me how I got the idea, it just popped into my mind at a moment of pure boredom. 
Anyhow, I'm quite statisfied with the result, though the colors and detais got lost because I hade to resize the picture big time and save it in .Gif format. But you get the idea.
Please note that constructive comments are hightly welcome!
and more colour practice
i draw my art work on microsoft paint and colour it in on photopaint i try to get the best effect i can. this is my emo maid who has a very dark side -_-. i hope u like her^-^
Skip and slide is an abstract mind twister. I really enjoy these relaxing drawings.