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Oh finally i got something with decent colors...
you can go here to see the bigger version of this
BTW that's evil-ink-thing that she throwing
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killerkun Oh finally i got something with decent colors... you can go here to see the bigger version of this BTW that's evil-ink-thing that she throwing
noname 2007-01-09 03:54:44 nice.. but her face sucks the shade of the nose is too much ..seems like a animals nose than humans .. plus her mouth is big .. and i think the right eye should be more right and a bit down .... It's a nice pick but the face of her ruin it ...
Def Character 2007-01-09 10:24:07 Nice one Killerkun but the sock ehm.. you know...
lotsofblood 2007-01-09 13:29:11 O_O
killerkun 2007-01-09 21:25:07 Yep, i always seem to miss detail on feet... like always... thanks for the critiques... normally i agree with them... scept this time that i think the face went pretty nice comparing with my first attempts... i don't think it sucks... not at all but thx again i'll be taking those considerations next time yeah. d·_·b
Def Character 2007-01-10 03:10:43 KK maybe the shading under the nose a tiny bit less contrast and delete the dark spot on the elbow
AnimeminA 2007-01-10 04:24:16 the dark spot on the elbow are the inks, bu yea, it needs to be remove since they are coming towards us from behind her, not in front of her. i really like the coloring, i really do, but something in the imagine still bugs me which i dunno why.
Shinfate 2007-01-10 04:29:46 well I think you did a great job ^^ practice makes perfect I always say. just one crit, I think her waist is a little bit small/thin
Kaizu 2007-01-12 11:21:15 It's good and bad at the same time.. you did a very nice job on the coloring and some parts of the prespective but it just doesn't look right.. you probably shouldve sketched more to get the anomoty and perspective right before you started coloring. The face isn't too bad, it just looks bad because i think the head is a bit too big. If i over-relax my eyes a bit, which makes the whole picture a bit blurry it looks like the face is pasted on the head, so maybe you spread out the face a bit like noname said.. i don't know it just looks a bit weird but good job on the 3d look and coloring. Keep it up.
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It's a Dark Chao But it reminds me of an evil Telitubi or how ever you spell it. What do you think!
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Another Feyra, created for the sole purpose of giving Artemis someone to cuddle. ^^ (I need to draw that, too)
Coco Neko (stage name) is an exotic dancer and is one of the very few Feyras to actually shave. (legs, arms, chest . . . ) The company he works for prefers their dancers "smooth". He met Artemis one night when he (Artemis) was moon dancing alone on a beach. Let's just say they hit it off. ^_~
I gave Coco dark coloring because . . . well, I was tired of doing pale bish all the time and wanted some diversity. ^^; I hope he's not *too* dark . . . 
.05 mm HB mechanical pencil-->>Paint Shop Pro 8.1
By far, this is the most difficult project I ever covered! It's probably because I'm such a Jesus fan that I got overly conscious & tried too hard to make everything perfect... OR it must have been demons playing with my mind. I'm glad I managed to finish it despite the "obstacles"!

This one's for the one man who changed the world!
whew, havent made anything for some time T_T. here's a dirty pencil sketch of Natsume Maya from Tenjo Tenge, lots of erasing and stuff >.< hope you like it ^^
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A man i have drawn today, luckily, i could use the scanner of my parents =D
Sorry for the vague image...
It was a rather light sketch so you must look closely to see it good...
I'm actually in love with this picture *_* Isn't he gorgeous? ^^
Well, time passes and I noticed my MWN fighting character was falling behind the times SO heres the updated version, way deadlier and more versatile than before (the gargantuan t-square is still somewhere ;P) Oh yeah, the one design thing thats off is that I shaved my head last week, so the haircut aint really realistic no more :D
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so this is an original, my little sister was about 10 when i drew this, and this is what i beleive her spirit would look like!     did this with a non waterproof pen, and water colours... ya figure that one out!
I messed up his neck DX