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I like to draw Kenji xD
he is so cool haha
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Nagashiwa Waa.. I like to draw Kenji xD he is so cool haha
Kheine 2007-01-06 06:09:07 Haha cute stuffs dude ^_^
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Random art
Happy New Year people!!
One of the few pics I ever draw of Luca. This guy is the character from my best friend, and it's also the first time, I draw him alone. Well... it's not that big, cause I draw it into her con hon (a little book, where you collect artworks of other people). The motiv came to my head, but it doesn't mean anything special.. my friend knew, what I mean... ^__-
This here is Ragnaros, one of the final bosses in World of Warcraft. I turned this in for a fan art contest Blizzard had in relation to their upcoming convention
The Raging Spaniard
Ink Wash; about 2 hours.
another atempt at drawing a chibbi ,tell me what you think ...^O^
my original character
For a girl, trying out oil colour... :3 C&C welcome
A ninja girl that I drew for Desty Nova to color. This is my first time digitally inking something. Guess I should practice that a little more. ^_^;;
yes yes yall
this is a preveiw of what i of the 3rd collabe 
all i have left to do is ink it and some color
its a litte messed up so i wont give away the story 
drop a comment on what u think of all the pages
zodiac aquarius

Lee Henrik
Another chibbi sketch I made when I was bored.
I all of asuden got a vision of a mermaid (and looked at my mermaid melody poster^^') sow...I drew one!
This is a picture I drew of Noodle from the band Gorillaz, sum people think it's a guy but noodle is really a girl.