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long time no see:p

soo I finish this one ^^
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Nagashiwa long time no see:p soo I finish this one ^^
Def Character 2007-01-05 15:33:10 Nice...
Kryptonite 2007-01-06 11:28:08 He's cute and all, but stop drawing him. You need to concentrate on your anatomy and not on kids on weed with feet that look like fingers >.< Plse follow my advice
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Random art
i sketched it fairly light, sorry

im going to outline it later on. like tomorrow =]

so you'll be able to seeit clearly. 1/27/08
Redrawing some old characters. 

Yes, he uses a lot of hair products.
Lol, this was just a random thought that came into my head... that I thought I might share with my fellow mangworkshopers..... ^_^
Old stuff.
Sketch based on artpiece from Tom aka Arcturus. Somehow it just popped up into my head... 6^^
Def Character
My boyfriend and I XD
I hope you like this one^^
this is another pannel of my famous " -F " series. in this one you can see the animal mostly
its the second chapter
Finally I'm backk. I haven't been here for awhile~

This is the messenger. She carries messages and magic and such to the spirit world from the human world. She does this via ponds and lakes, in which she sprinkles her magic in them and then dives in, creating a portal only she can use. [[Ask to draw her, if you want. [:  ]]
I'm working on this mini comic thingie cos school is out and i need practice, so this is a character... layout.. sketch i guess. Germiane is 12 here
Manga Art
22nd February, 2007.
Very old pic in new style. This character is Van. In SD of course. From my old story about pirates. Van was a corsair and had one of four magic amulet ^^ I found old lineart in my file with pictures and sketches and I decided to color it. I very like Van ^^
Coloring and lineart (c) Serafina<br>
Van (c) Serafina
Just another sketch of worlds best detective, and my alltime favorite, L ^_^