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my christmasbear
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Kimiko my christmasbear
Def Character 2007-01-03 10:38:22 Kawaii ^^
gothqueen 2007-01-03 16:28:58 So cute! Adore the eyes
Zeph 2007-01-03 23:43:59 Very cute. did you paint this with acrylics?
Wicked_Lady 2007-01-04 07:46:56 <3333 Kewl
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Random art
harry potter, the rescue. if you've read the order of the pheonix you'de understand.

SPOILER!!!!!!!!DONT READ IF YOU HAVNT READ IT YET!!! so the characters in no particular order are ron, harry, hermoine, neville, ginny and luna. done in ink and pencilcrayon
Squiditha inspired artwork. i cant find my color pencils T.T
well this is my submission for the EnterVOID battle i was doin a while ago. a shame that it never saw the light of the internets.
page 3
Dustin C.
this is the first mech that i have done
Recent art. It's been awhile since a last posted some art.
Hope ya' like it.
"Shin" from Spotlight, the same as before. This is the main character. Ironically, he was designed orginally as a 'bad boy' type... Oh, and "Shin" is not his real name.
This here is a character I created for my original story called "War of the Arts." The character's name is Kazuki Dekiru (Kazuki means "birth of a new generation," and Dekiru means "capable). He is a 14-year old practioner of Taijutsu and can manipulate fire, but he is somewhat unaware of his true ability. He is also strong-willed yet defensive of those who insult him because of how he is unable to understand martial arts the same way most of his other peers can. As a result, he is classified as a "disabled being."

When I drew Kazuki, I first used a H and 4B pencil to roughly draw and shade the character. Then I used 08, 05, 03, and 005 pigma micro pens to ink the outlines. Finally, I used tombow (I think that's what it's called) markers to color .

Feel free to leave any comments about the character.
I didn't put all the detail I usually do, but I like the sketchiness. Thoughts?

Third installment of The Haystack Murders. Only one more to go.
a quick drawn page that will get it's text bubbles once I have colored it. If I can color it ofcourse, lol.

Hope you guys dig, (read from left to right)

page 1 of volume 5 of my webcomic
hosted at ^_^