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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mangaworkshop
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Zeph Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mangaworkshop
Def Character 2006-12-31 04:29:41 Best Wishes for 2007 Zeph ^^
Kheine 2006-12-31 06:29:46 Haha is that you posing? Pretty nice :D You should definatly ink and color dude ^^ It has a cool perspective!
Lozz 2006-12-31 10:18:58 Happy New Year to you too ^_^
Zeph 2007-01-01 13:06:10 no this isn't me. I'll post a picture of me...probably the next post. happy?
Kheine 2007-01-02 07:15:32 Kewwwl ^^
mama_logon 2007-01-02 13:31:49 anyway, he's sexy, great possing
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Random art
Yet another late night/ early morning sketch TT_TT
It's not manga .... eeeep, sorry >_<
It's some Discworld fan art I drew back in 2004 ^_^
(I only just found it again when I was looking through my big box of photos) ^_^
It was a work for a client.
Rael Mochizuki
Recent art. It's been awhile since a last posted some art.
Hope ya' like it.
I know it aint manga stylish..but I just so love spawn! I think that and the darkness are 2 of the best american style comics there are. I drew this with some simple coloring pencils. (Took about 2 hours just to color it...pfft oh my poor fingers :P)
yay, more role-playing characters.  Their names, from left to right: Yukiko, Evan, and Cory.  Yay.  I'm actually working on coloring the sketch right now, but it occurred to me that it couldn't hurt to put it up and get some comments before I get too far into the coloring process xD  So, if you see anything that I could change, I've still got the sketch in pencil and it's not too late to fix ^_~  comments and criticism greatly appreciated =^_^=
sora in my own style and older... and if you don't know who sora is you probably live in a cave or some place darker dan a cave :)
>>hehee...i'm back!!!..
hi it been while since i last uploaded art =^-^= iv been trying realy hard to get better at shading .....and now i am really happy with progress iv made ^-^ heres my gothic made and lil freind in a more summery setting u hope u like is piz oiz comment ;3
named it "your light in the darkness"=)
final fantasy feat. the A-team. cid from ff6©, cid from ff7©, cid from ffu(unlimited)©, cid and mid from ff5©
looks amazing cant believe i did this with a mouse ... on paint not kidding also i know my fist upload sucks i am going to red do him
I know it's ugly , but Dustin C. asked us to put our very first oekaki on the site...^^
character design this guy likes to burn things with green fire yay