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New sketch! about one month ago.  =33 Hope you like it.
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VESTA New sketch! about one month ago. =33 Hope you like it.
Lozz 2006-12-28 14:35:21 Nice, it looks like a .Hack character ^_^
Def Character 2006-12-28 15:37:14 Her left ankle (our right pov) looks a bit odd... but Yup nice sketch ^^
Kheine 2006-12-29 11:01:39 Good design
VESTA 2006-12-30 07:13:20 thank you for the comments. uhm def, her ankle like that I did on purpose.. >.> not that it turned out that good.. and it looks indeed a bit like the .Hack style.. I don't really like the way the manga is drawn but yeah..
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Random art
I got this from a picture hope you like it
just did a lil drawing for fun tell me what u think of it
wiley justin
Ok, it's a couple days late, but happy Halloween everybody! I'm getting a little more comfortable with Photoshop now, so here's one of my latest colored pieces.
<b>Goose Chase - Section C</b><br/><br/>This is but 1 small section of a bigger picture I am planning to draw and colour ^^;<br/><br/>I you enjoy looking at this picture as much as me =)
I'm still experimenting with open canvas and this came out. It looks a bit messy, sorry for that ^^;;
characters from my own project called Aesir. 
It's been a while since I've uploaded something here...Still getting a bit used to everything.
About the picture;There are still some typical anatomy related mistakes, and the composition is tiny bit off. Done with Neopiko fineliners and Touch Twin markers.

Anyway, hope you like!
yes yes yall
this is a preveiw of what i of the 3rd collabe 
all i have left to do is ink it and some color
its a litte messed up so i wont give away the story 
drop a comment on what u think of all the pages
This is a little warrior i made long time ago hope u like it.....(coments & critics R welcome)
hehe just a silly watercolor of my characters Angelica and Connor from my story lovers and friends
My main caracter from botom view loking up at him. 

Note: This is my first atempt at up view of my caracters.
i am back!!muhahahaha!! *ahum* i was tendanz but i lost the pasword, stupid me..^^ its gohan i saw it on google and i drawd it ^^ hope youl like it!!
Amelia Ellson 


Egyptian Mau 

Time: 4 hours
Recent art. It's been awhile since a last posted some art.
Hope ya' like it.
Just a random sketch i made :P