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im not that happy w/ the result.  it looks too si-fi.
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rb im not that happy w/ the result. it looks too si-fi.
Kheine 2006-12-27 14:53:25 I think it looks pretty good ^^ Just resize the picture ^^
Def Character 2006-12-27 15:11:05 I like the colouring better then the outline...
AnimeminA 2006-12-28 11:47:47 so much usage of the gradient tool >_<
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Random art
The last drawing before I totally lost inspiration ^_^
This was kinda the thing I really wanted to draw for a
long time ^_^
5 min Sketch
Nintendo fan art, the clothing is messed up, i was to lazy to copie the dress-thing. The one on the left is Peach, and on the right is Daisy.
I made this just today XD its not a copy or what ever ^-^. my boyfriend put some more ''contrast'' so you can see it beter, ^-^  plz comment ^-^'
done in pen and black and red prismacolor markers
Jamie Narwhal and beatrice. [:
Uh oh....I'm starting to post crap that I draw for gaia.

N-E-Ways drawn with pencil, colored in photoshop....
I am new to MangaWorkShop, Hi All! Hope I will be posting more of my art in the future.

Thanks for the input


a drawing of my friend craig hes on here ^^ meep  did the coloring more cell ish cause he likes that hope ya like it craig ^^
A picture I did for a friend. She wanted to be "surprised"... tell me how I did! ^_^ (comments and crits pwease!) Thanks you.
finally something in my style again. Hand-drawn. Computer messed around with the colors. Comments and Critizms would be nice
Sketch based on artpiece from Tom aka Arcturus. Somehow it just popped up into my head... 6^^
Def Character