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Finished colors for my holiday card design, featuring baby Danni.<br><br>
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Colors done in Photoshop 6.
~~Bee" title="Finished colors for my holiday card design, featuring baby Danni.

Inks are here

Colors done in Photoshop 6.
~~Bee" style="max-width: 800px; width: expression(this.width > 800 ? 800 : true);">
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Bee-chan Finished colors for my holiday card design, featuring baby Danni.

Inks are here

Colors done in Photoshop 6.
chibi_emily 2006-12-23 00:52:55 oooh, pretty and cute and intriguing all in one! VERY professional-looking, too. I can never get my pics to come out looking that clean *thumbs-up* nice job~
Def Character 2006-12-23 02:45:55 Have a Merry Christmas B ^^
lotsofblood 2006-12-23 03:17:31 the light effects are very cool
AnimeminA 2006-12-24 08:36:05 lol,this is quite cool looking for a fantasy creature
Wicked_Lady 2006-12-24 18:51:10 ^_^ Such a cute thingy, reminds me of my guinea pig <3 Merry christmas!
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This is ©Malicous Ruby.
Did this for a friend of mine. Visit me at for more!
irani and d-jinn (specialy for terren: irani=girl, d-jinn=boy =P)they're sutch a cute couple^^
from my own fanfic (I wish I could already call it more =( ) Link © (people who recognice the title: I'm the same person as nova (in my lassy scanless periode ^^')
i drew this a few days ago nd i think its kinda crappy..
leave comments if u wish
i drawn him because i borrowed his pentel pen and he also requested for it...

he was playing ragnarok before but humbly gave his account to his cousin.....

well, medyo corny minsan at pasaway dahil adik din sa games tulad ko pero dahil friendship......friendship
This is one of my characters i designed, Im going to colour it on photoshop. The inking isn't very good and my hand slipped a few times. I will fix the bottom of his pants and put his feet in the right perspective. If anything else dosen't look right then please let me know.
having much fun with neopiko markers and fineliners.. ^__^
It's wierd that I can get somewhat good mechas out while not being able to even produce proper face at the moment. I should've probably varied the depth of sword and broken buildings more. They look somewhat lined up.
Another DK fanart with Rath and Cesia =D I am so dang proud of Rath's profile because I just CAN'T do them x_x;;; Hands are worse. Though I encounter hands more...I'm going to try to do more profile pictures (I already have another fanart scene in mind x3) to hopefully improve that since hands are just going nowhere. Anywho, background made by random brushes and burning layers.
3rd of a set of christmas cards =]
this is my first drawing of a cello
More Pchat stuff. Have fun !
This is Shinji! All you shoujo lovin girl are gonna love him! He's my demonic little rockstar! He's a total flirt and since he's apart of a rock band that's just taken off he's gonna have alot of fun with his skills! My friend begged me to draw him in a sexy light so here he is! I haven't really decide what kind of demon he is but I wanted him to have the long elf ears! Even though he's not an elf^_^!
Well some sort of angel.. hehe.. this is one of my latest artworks.. hope you like it.. ^^