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Is first page of my manga
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mai Is first page of my manga "Dream Catchers"
Def Character 2006-12-22 03:22:17 Great start... The art is going the right way but the paneling could use some work though... My guess is that one reads it from right to left eh... If you make the firts frame 2/3th of the hight you will have more space for the monster frame. Nuku and the monster can be put in a no framer where Nuku is diplayed only 2/3th (her head still in the no framer). Mirror the staf so the ornament with effect still is in the frame. The monster comes in from outside the page bending towards her so he seems even bigger also allowing Nuku to be displayed bigger. In the 4th frame loose the gasp and turn it into a bit more square shape aligned on the right of the second frame with Tsukas in it. Delicate centred speedlines (not to thick) will put the focus on her gasping face. Mirror frame 5 with Tsukasa dashing so frame 4 is in the upper right corner of 5... Phew! Thats it for now... 6^^
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Random art
Sorry, Abit late for Christmas, but this was one of the Christmas cards made and sold for Pizazz co. Just ask rill, he'll upload his :P Even though theyre not strictly manga :P I just thought people might like them :P
Recreation of the scene from Snow White when the witch is like "try the apple". I thought this was alot more tempting. Hey it's anime, and colored. Something I don't do very often. 1/2 mouse/1/2 tablet. I like. Comments?
pen sketch
As you may notice, this is a drawing dating from 2003 according to my lazyness not to draw anymore. Do not be fooled by the quality of the picture; its vague and not detailed because of the 100 KB limits. This is my last good drawing ever made (not counting the gold alien with the green ball idiot) and was intentionally to be Major Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell) watching news or something. That didnt work out for me, so now its just a woman getting up in the morning watching tv. I drew the drawing, but my brother Aikuza edited some of it, and did the coloring.
it is a sketch, but wid colouring pencil..does it stil count as a sketch? n e way, i drew this from a picture that i saw some ware b4, but that was years it reminds me of me nd my boy friend =p leave a comment if u like..
hmmwell it's not really manga but i'm a little proud of my kitty
felana loved to sing when she was young T_T to bad she can't anymore becouse of some trought troubles.
felana is from Link ©
Colored version of the elf close up drawing I have in the sketch section, I think it looks like..234768 times better, so lets hope you guys like it ^__^UUU
The Raging Spaniard
I hope you like this one too
do you remeber?
i'v draw that 2 years ago XD

:p.. Yaichi_san has pimped this one haha..
and I really like it.
It's colored !! Hope you like it.His name is aki. i found it on an japanese namelist ^^. it means bright ? dunno ..I like his scarf *hehe*
"Belus" from Sang-Sun Park's The Tarot Café.

I drew this about 8 months ago. I took the photo when the picture was taped on my door, right after I'd finished it. Nowadays it's framed, but I don't have a photo of it like that (yet, anyway).

I've been very unactive here! I'll try to draw more in a future... ;)