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Is first page of my manga
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mai Is first page of my manga "Dream Catchers"
Def Character 2006-12-22 03:22:17 Great start... The art is going the right way but the paneling could use some work though... My guess is that one reads it from right to left eh... If you make the firts frame 2/3th of the hight you will have more space for the monster frame. Nuku and the monster can be put in a no framer where Nuku is diplayed only 2/3th (her head still in the no framer). Mirror the staf so the ornament with effect still is in the frame. The monster comes in from outside the page bending towards her so he seems even bigger also allowing Nuku to be displayed bigger. In the 4th frame loose the gasp and turn it into a bit more square shape aligned on the right of the second frame with Tsukas in it. Delicate centred speedlines (not to thick) will put the focus on her gasping face. Mirror frame 5 with Tsukasa dashing so frame 4 is in the upper right corner of 5... Phew! Thats it for now... 6^^
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Random art
I consider this peice moderate i can do better i think?
"She had a little too much and..."
Limit Control Special 1....the first special I made for the german fans of the manga... it's a Valentine Special... app. 12 pages long and it's more a funny manga, of Ken, who try to make a cake ^__^; 
Well... this is the cover I made... let me see it's fromm 2002... means 2 years old... my there are a lot of mistakes in it, but I like Shongos sweet face so much (the smaller boy)
Yurusanzo's "Rin". I guess you could also call this fanart. I tried my best to make it look good.. but I dunno. I doesn't really look correct but tell me what you think k ^_^
a witchdrawing i made scanned in three different ways, because i have no life and nothing else to do!! >=O

Finaly, I have completed the group shot! I'm pretty proud of the coloring I did, and the background looks pretty sweet too. Starting from the left we have: Mikale Anelo, the Hawaiian Martial-Artist. Right of him is Sarah Roze, the pink Gothic Girl. To her right is Leon Haastig, the quick-witted and wise Ex-cop. To the far right is Jonny Kinsen, the Japanese kid with an English Punk attitude. Lastly in the center of it all is the Main Character, the possesor of the Cursed Pencil. So tell me what you guys think of of the pic in it's entirity, and maybe can you guys think of a name for the main character while youre at it. 6^_^;;  For more info on these people, goto the Forums and check out my thread in the "Art in Progress" section.
Dustin C.
It's been a few months already again!

So it's time for a stupid joke, Magical fail girl! She can bleed at will!

Also at
Much newer pic. ^^ This one is of Ryu and Kei floating in mid-air. Warning: both are nude, but no "naughty bits" are showing. ^_~
character concept 'Kimiko' ^^
Wow, I drew a GUY!? (I need to draw more guys)
from another good manga Numbers ...............................
Here I am again. I finally have my holiday, sort of. I have to work the coming 3 weeks, but it's not very much. So yeah. And I have been free the past 2 weeks, which I spent in Eindhoven, a city here in the Netherlands. 
I have taken care of a cat in a house, from which the owners are on a holiday. (I took friends with me). I had lots of fun.

I'm actually not pretty happy with this, but I'm getting really annoyed, so I probably never will finish it correctly. This is the first time I actually tried to make a decent background, and it isn't everything, but it doesn't suck either. So, I don't know, you tell me XD.
I don't have a proper title for this, just some girl I drew and just some background.. But yeah,
still hope you like it. And I hope I will upload another drawing soon (I'm also busy on another drawing).
Its summer so lets SKATE or BMX:ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda like the bg thou its very crappy done ^^  no outlines this time :D