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Is first page of my manga
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mai Is first page of my manga "Dream Catchers"
Def Character 2006-12-22 03:22:17 Great start... The art is going the right way but the paneling could use some work though... My guess is that one reads it from right to left eh... If you make the firts frame 2/3th of the hight you will have more space for the monster frame. Nuku and the monster can be put in a no framer where Nuku is diplayed only 2/3th (her head still in the no framer). Mirror the staf so the ornament with effect still is in the frame. The monster comes in from outside the page bending towards her so he seems even bigger also allowing Nuku to be displayed bigger. In the 4th frame loose the gasp and turn it into a bit more square shape aligned on the right of the second frame with Tsukas in it. Delicate centred speedlines (not to thick) will put the focus on her gasping face. Mirror frame 5 with Tsukasa dashing so frame 4 is in the upper right corner of 5... Phew! Thats it for now... 6^^
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Random art
<center><b>WAAH! >.< </b>
well it's been a loooong while since i uploaded anything at all, so here is the latest from me!
I made this for a job, but it never got through cause i quit! ^_^ this is for the kiddies, a jammin dj! lineart and colored in my new Illustrator CS!
Dustin C.
What the %$# is this!? I don't even really know But I like it especially(or a word that's looks similar to it/my english s#cks) the red light
wheeee~!  this right here be the best picture in my name drawn to date ;^^  well, more accurately colored.  I've prolly DRAWN better lineart, but never colored it near as well.  Anyhooo, feel like I'm rambling. This is actually the second versionf of this picture..I showed it to some epople at a message board a while back and they gave me some tips and I changed it.  fer example, the shadows used to be alot lighter, and her mouth as different (but more importantly lower)  soo, that's just a little background on the piccie.  Once again, my second picture using the smudge technique, and second attempt at an abstract background.  Like Eshana, this is also a DnD character.  Her name, Terriii, I'm sorry to say, has a history way to long to be explained here ;^^  nehoo...  I better stop typing before I fall into another babble ;P
remade the hair face and kick shoe on computer, so this is just a fighting guy no special character or something just started drawing and this is the result
Not much to say. Inked on paper, colors in Photoshop :D
The Raging Spaniard
A zombie, I had to draw something I thought was scary from a picture. I dunoo why but I really love thic pic, lol, any comments?
Just some random girl.. with i KNOW a HUGE rat.. i did it one a little tiny paper like 7 by 7 cm so.. just quick so it's has allot of flaws..
comment please ^-^
she is the angel of light
bad guy... there's gotta be one!
i painted it with color pencils...
:raven:got bored and made this ;
her head my be alittle big 
not sure lol
well this time i tryed to make a nice black and white art :3. the body of the guy i drew must be pretty fucked up because it must hurt sitting like that XD. so wel the athonomy aint so good i still like the outcome ^^. normaly my line arts have no  depth at all but i think i did a good job this time ^^. well c&c are welcome
Yep... It is a merry xmaz to my MWS peeps. Hmmm... This art sucks. Well, didnt had time to make a better one. And im lazy to explain whats going on in this pic XD. Done with Tablet in PhotoShop CS. Time: 1 Hour. Hmmm fast and cheap . :D:D:D:D crap
ink sketch,ehm...not really much to tell about it..
Hi everyone! >_> im back xD. Sorry i´ve been gone for so long =o! Well, Nika hasnt draw much in the longest time (almost nothing at all). Here an small sketch for two characters i had in my head for the past month. How is everyone doing?