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Some Hellsing fan art.
This took FOREVER to draw, I'm so glad it's over -_-'
(I drew it all with a black ball point pen) ^_^
Artist Description
Lozz Some Hellsing fan art. This took FOREVER to draw, I'm so glad it's over -_-' (I drew it all with a black ball point pen) ^_^
Arasha 2006-12-18 09:11:34 Wow! very nice!!! o.0
Def Character 2006-12-18 09:17:00 That must be some empty ballpen by now ^^ awsomeness the hat seems a tiny bit big so where is it resting on on the left (our right pov.)
Lozz 2006-12-18 09:28:36 yeah that hat was a cow to draw >.<
Kryptonite 2006-12-18 11:12:35 This is awesome -O- saurus. And when I say awesome -O- saurus, i mean it. Great art
AnimeminA 2006-12-18 15:26:38 i love the details and shading. the dude creeps me out tho, not much of a hellsing fan =p
lotsofblood 2006-12-18 18:39:15 just like da real thing :)
Wicked_Lady 2006-12-19 04:49:44 AWESOME!! The shading, the bg, the details, the person itself.. just perfect =)
CericCalas 2006-12-21 00:56:34 his guns aren't uniform? anyway. the time and effort pays off in the end, ay?
Lozz 2006-12-21 14:30:07 His guns are supposed to be that way >.<
Lozz 2006-12-22 15:54:08 *lol* it felt like forever in reality it took just over 4 hours ^_^
Lozz 2006-12-28 16:24:36 I just use cheap ball-points (the kind you buy in bags of 10's & 20's, nothing special) ^_^
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