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another maid XD ! after studying the made clothes a bit, I have made another one without reference ^^
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Shinfate another maid XD ! after studying the made clothes a bit, I have made another one without reference ^^
Mactire 2006-12-15 19:20:42 Nice, I like the maid outfit. But I do have some comments though. Her hand looks awkward, just let it hang instead of bending it. And her shoulders are a bit to wide I think, or her hips are to small. But besides that, it's good. ^_^ Keep it up.
AnimeminA 2006-12-16 10:30:05 I totally agree with harm. the anatomy of male and female differs. male has a wider upper body due to their huge arms and chest while a female has wider hips for giving birth. it takes a while to get use to drawing their body, try drawing them naked =p recently I'm starting from scratch learning from the basic by drawing them nude in both from and side views.
Shinfate 2006-12-16 20:33:48 thanks! practice makes perfect, right =D
Naka 2006-12-19 23:02:08 Nice overall! But she looked super tensed up and constipated.Maybe she should relax her arms a little? Try Akimbo^^
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Random art
Okay, so this is supposed to be a character to a manga im trying to draw. He's sort funny and upspirited one....
coloured by Misato.
effects by photoshop.
please comment....
This is an illustration of Prince Han, Prince Nai's older brother.

Drawn by Josh Smith, Lead artist of PA Chronicles.
Cool Manga drawing.
Ok, I know its kind of crappy but it was all I could come up at the moment. Amei ^ I hope its boys name^ schools the most popular guy.
Again the hand sucks. Anyone got any advice on how I can improve and hands and feet? Thanks.
Oks, next time I'll post this in the art in progress section, but for now this was kind of urgent.

Is it just me or the boy in the last panel don't seem to be the same one I've been useing???.

And about the girl that's reaching the fruit, are her feet ok??...I think theres something strange in the last 2 panels, but I don't quite get what.

Well thx.  Going to have dinner.
its the same little boy as my last drawing only this time in color!
Sozo teki
final fantasy feat. the A-team. cid from ff6©, cid from ff7©, cid from ffu(unlimited)©, cid and mid from ff5©
Just a sketch.Feel free to comment
Greets MWS! Here is an art of mine I made dec 2006. I actually had time to color this sketch of the many I have. Maybe more will come soon again. For now, Enjoy the weather somehow :I ~Aikuza
this is a self porterait of me, I had to make this for school and someone of my class (animesa) sugested thad I should paint it well here it is, not really happy with the eyebrows but i´m to lazy to fix them so it wel have to do,
Right. A bit late, partly due to the fact that this bugger ATE my tablet, had to switch it with a new one. Anyway, first serious tablet work :) Instead of bell's 'n lights 'n stuff, this years xmas is all about hot chololat-milk, snowy weather and sharing it with people you care and love. It's also a painfull reminder that I can't do eyes that well -_- The guy freaks me out at times...<br><br><center>Merry Christmas and a good Newyear! Don't blow any'o them fingers off, you might need 'm later ;)<br><br>Marius</center>
YAOI!!! For my best friend. The only one i will ever draw this for. Happy Birthday