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Another 2004 fan art drawing, this time it's Death
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Lozz Another 2004 fan art drawing, this time it's Death ^_^
Zeph 2006-12-14 18:50:36 i would have liked a more dark background, rhater than white. nice job tho
Lozz 2006-12-15 09:30:29 but he stands out more on a white background ^_^
Shinfate 2006-12-15 13:16:17 hehe, the opposite of an angel XD, good work ^^
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Random art
The one on the left is finnished and the 2 on the right are still sketches (^_^)
Muru Kitty
Doodles of my oc, Prince What's-his-face . . . hey don't laugh he does have a real name I just, errr, haven't got around to thinking of one yet. (>.>)"
i wanted to draw a crazy looking dark wizard who looks like hes off his rocker
Finished :D colours bleached by scan so things very pale and seem flat, so just judge on form methinks :P Cheers for the feedback, was well appreciated! btw the background was done very quickly and bascially so attention is drawn to her and not the background. The only detail was on her, giving the background a quick rough feel
Another girl just a model this time...
antagonist character concept for my character helen's storyline. her name is elision
artwork title: Sapphire is your smile

original artwork by me!
I did this a while ago. It's supposed to be a manga version of me :)
(I used a calligraphy pen to write the katakana)
Background added ^^
Just an oekaki
I wanted to share the latest piece of my comic... it's not manga and it has absolutely no quality at all but i hope it's at least funny :P
Bleh, I messed up so many things while inking this. T_T

Haha, messed up uploading too.
More stuffs.
Page 4 of a few pages long comic I'm making.Still a sketch and text will be added after I lined it.

More to come later, reached my limit =(