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fanart, will vandom from W.I.T.C.H, i lost the original file, so I never will finish it, whatever I'm glad about the color change, and the wings
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mama_logon fanart, will vandom from W.I.T.C.H, i lost the original file, so I never will finish it, whatever I'm glad about the color change, and the wings
AnimeminA 2006-12-12 14:43:08 wow, the design of the looks so complex, i like XD i know how you feel when you lose your original art files/sketch
Kryptonite 2006-12-12 16:09:58 Hasn't this been uploaded yet ? Looks familiar ^^ Rlly cool
Kryptonite 2006-12-12 16:10:56 I meant hasn't this been uploaded in the past XD Sorry for my bad english
lotsofblood 2006-12-12 18:15:13 i dunno what is that thing on her back but its awesome
Kimiko 2006-12-13 04:41:54 Wow, it looks awesome!! ^-^
Arasha 2006-12-13 12:41:10 It is much better than the real Will Vandom ^.n
Zeph 2006-12-13 21:10:12 i remember this piece too, but i think it was in black and white. I like it, the face and hair are nicely done, and the complex "wings" are VERY nice. i like the coloring choice, the pale colors work
Wicked_Lady 2006-12-14 04:20:21 At first I didn't recognise her because of those beautiful wings. Great job, too bad you lost that file..
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{Phoenix} Thanks for helping out today, Summer.
Xaiyu_Chan: "It was nothing..." she said with a small nod. she took her hands out of her pockets. "Merry Christmas, Nick." she was staring at the watch in her hands, her heart racing as she held it out to him..

Phoenix looks over, and smiles when he sees the watch. 
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He laughs, picking it up and looking at it with a grin on his face. He likes it. "How swell. Grapes." 
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she gave a small chuckle and a nod. "I'm glad you like it..." she was ecstatic. she tucked some hair behind her ear and said quickly, "Y-yeah, so, goodnight, Merry Christmas..." she turned and went back to the room. @/////w/////@;;;;;

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now...would you trust that guy?
it needs some colors
A charming young vampire named Quentin J. Black ^.^ coloured him with markers, hope you like it. Tell me what you think!!!
this is one of my first dragons please give me some hints on drawing them (o^.^o);
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hehehee... my master who taught me how to ice skate....

after the ice skating event, i was kinda surprised that i was brave enough to even ask some of my friends to go for an ice skate in mall of asia....

later did i know that ice skating is not that easy... thanks to my friends who really made it possible for me to learn how to ice skate (kahit medyo nagtampo ako aksi biglang napostpone....)
heh, i was messin around with line art for like 3 minutes then i went a little crazy with coloring for such bad line art...especially the blur tool O_O i'm kinda experimenting
Trees have dropped their leaves...
a draw orochimaru :)
an old pic i saw laying around in my sketch book lol dunno how old it is. the lines seem a bit fuzzyish to me though :\
First page of my manga. :D
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sketch of a guy with two guns. . .  .yep that's about it, lol.
I have a fight with some guy, so i made this draw.. but it dind't help me ='[ ... is it thát bad?