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fanart, will vandom from W.I.T.C.H, i lost the original file, so I never will finish it, whatever I'm glad about the color change, and the wings
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mama_logon fanart, will vandom from W.I.T.C.H, i lost the original file, so I never will finish it, whatever I'm glad about the color change, and the wings
AnimeminA 2006-12-12 14:43:08 wow, the design of the looks so complex, i like XD i know how you feel when you lose your original art files/sketch
Kryptonite 2006-12-12 16:09:58 Hasn't this been uploaded yet ? Looks familiar ^^ Rlly cool
Kryptonite 2006-12-12 16:10:56 I meant hasn't this been uploaded in the past XD Sorry for my bad english
lotsofblood 2006-12-12 18:15:13 i dunno what is that thing on her back but its awesome
Kimiko 2006-12-13 04:41:54 Wow, it looks awesome!! ^-^
Arasha 2006-12-13 12:41:10 It is much better than the real Will Vandom ^.n
Zeph 2006-12-13 21:10:12 i remember this piece too, but i think it was in black and white. I like it, the face and hair are nicely done, and the complex "wings" are VERY nice. i like the coloring choice, the pale colors work
Wicked_Lady 2006-12-14 04:20:21 At first I didn't recognise her because of those beautiful wings. Great job, too bad you lost that file..
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still trying to get the shadows to look right
LOL. .... a sadistic nurse ... =3 this was a quick sketch. i think she is .... <3
Hell, I give up. I was going to add more colour to the background, but I'm too lazy :P Naruto-fanart again, this time, without using a picture as example. I later discovered Naruto has a red circle on the back of his shirt, but I couldn't colour it red anymore, so that's why it's black ^_^ Anyway, I hope you all like ^_^
it's not what you think.
haven't uploaded anything in ages. was browsing thru artworks here and found  twisted lilium's interesting ^^ here's the colored version of her sketch.
page 5 layout
after seen kigeki 8 times I ve drawn this one ( kigeki is a 10 min anime you can find it at youtube ... a masterpiece ^^ )
Sinds we have NO snow in holland and everyone is sick indoors watching how it snows on tellie^^ here is a winter like drawing for you all!!
to the fans
This is something I made for school. The text says: "maybe I should go see a vet". Hope you like it ^_^
Some quick cowboy-girl (is that a word?:P) sketch. But what I wanted to say is: after a comment on one of my drawings from Copycat I started to notice that there are a lot of people uploading their art on this site, but only a few people who are commenting. Some drawings even get no comments at all! So hereby I wanted to ask from everybody who reads this: PLEASE COMMENT OTHER PEOPLE'S ARTWORK! anyone can use help on their drawings and it's not that much of an effort. Thank you ^_^ p.s. i'm going on holiday so I won't upload/comment for a while
Cammy's new outfit.
For a small image (A6-A7), this looks pretty good ^^; I drew this during class for Yanz (Opalmfire in MWN) Style must have been influenced by Desty ^^; Inked by Pilot G-tech.
this is a older art...also made in 2006...but..i forgot to write the date so i dont remember when from 2006 i made it..srry!!!
I have waited a while before uploading the colored version =) well here it is. I'm really happy 'bout how it turned out, it looks very clean. sorry 'bout the belt XD it hasn't been changed, but I will think about it the next time ^_^thx