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i was planning on posting two things up but it seem that my comp conked ut on me :(... well i hope you guys like this one
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yurusanzo i was planning on posting two things up but it seem that my comp conked ut on me :(... well i hope you guys like this one
Def Character 2006-12-12 04:45:21 Scary ^^
Wicked_Lady 2006-12-12 11:46:29 YURU!!!!! *Hugs to death* Feel like I haven't seen you in AGES! What's up? Have you colored your self portrait by now? I can't finish youif I don't know what color you have. Although I feel a sudden urge to color you pink and then blame the glow.. Oh, I'm babbling way too much. Ey, I love the pic, nice shading and the leafs are cute <3
CericCalas 2006-12-17 01:03:44 This piece reminds me of Akira. is that just my perception or were you going for that?
yurusanzo 2006-12-18 04:52:03 didnt notice till now, i guess it does look like kaneda :P
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He he, I designed this little fellow as a mascott for my site or whatever (it's not on-line yet). Since I'm really crazy about wolves I wanted a wolf, but it tuned out to be a baby dragon. His name is Ryu, that's Jappanese for dragon. Isn't he adorable?^_^
Ooooold one. I don't like her face and right arm, gotta fix them.
another alela pic. im working on fighting poses for her.
Background practice, but kept it waaaay too simple, ah well next time better.
this is one of my first dragons please give me some hints on drawing them (o^.^o);
HELP!! I am working on this pic but i like always mess up the hair. I wonderd if you guys could help me out? P.S My scanner is nog so good so there are black dots on the pic..srry about that-_-;
This picture is of my own characters. It's a group picture of the Dark-N-Light group. I colored it with adobe photoshop.
Old stuff.
I've been reading Cantarella lately...can you tell? ^_~ Got inspired and wanted to draw Italian dresses from the 15th century too ^_~ Please tell me what you think
YO!!! I finally got the chance to upload a new pic! i had a the lineart done for about a month before i could put it on the computer for coloring. Anyway, if you dont know who this is, it's Riddick from "Chronicles of Riddick".  A nice purple and black motif which somehow seems to fit. anyway, the caption for this pic is "Get that damn light out of my eyes."
Dustin C.
And another one^^
Gonna colour this one anytime soon
do you remeber?
i'v draw that 2 years ago XD

:p.. Yaichi_san has pimped this one haha..
and I really like it.
An image that never got finished. This is when I first started experimenting with digital inking Illustrator. I should really redo this some time.