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I'll prob. use this picture for the summer issue of HADAKA - magazine cos the theme is 'ultimate fantasy'... this comes pretty close to that :p
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sacha I'll prob. use this picture for the summer issue of HADAKA - magazine cos the theme is 'ultimate fantasy'... this comes pretty close to that :p
AnimeminA 2006-12-08 11:53:07 i like i like =D lol. not because of just the nudity, but it reminds me of how the drawing style is similar to the teh way anime is drawn in the olden time, not like the mainstream you see today >_> what i really like the most from this art is the background watermark combine with the border, as well as the great effort you try to go into detail. just the right amount, not too much and not too little =)
Zeph 2006-12-08 23:32:21 i like. i dont like the rough cell shading, but that's just because I prefer smooth shading. Nicely done though. Wowzers
Heartless-night 2006-12-10 22:07:36 I really like your style.Really good pose and a good topic a good angel and a bad angel and nice coloring. keep it up!
gothqueen 2006-12-12 05:13:35 WOW
empoy 2006-12-21 09:31:31
empoy 2006-12-21 09:34:40 this one is nice,just the proportion on the arm of the evil one, i think it was a little bit long but nice concept anywayz =P
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Random art
a fast sketched out pose. not too happy with the hand ion the back. but yeah...practice! will be fixed soon
this been a while people :) 

.... welll this is a part of what ive been doing for school ... i dont like it al ... well actaully not that mutch of it :P .. i do like the coloring of the 2 in the center .. but i think the best drawing would be the sketch of the younger girl in the right ^^ .. *sign* i really have to work on my facial expressions -_-
another one ;P a bit older sumwhat...
Some chara sketching... i'm planning to do more art about her :3

power ranger type character, just felt like doing something a little 'old school' feeling.
Kitty's they are everywhere!! O_O

Kitty's get em out of my chair!! >__<

Kitty's they even live outerspace!! >____o

Kitty's now you have blood on your face!! ^o^
I redid my last drawing with ink to make it look better and finished :)
Slightly deformed head... lol
u gotta imagine these would be everywhere in midgard city ..
there is a girl who's making a book, and she asked me to make the cover  ^_^
A happy new year every body ^_~
An older one. The inking job was done really fast so it doesnt look as nice...but I like the expression and all. What should I improve on in my drawwings?