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coloured by Misato.
effects by photoshop.
please comment....
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Nikotine coloured by Misato. effects by photoshop. please comment....
Def Character 2006-12-07 13:44:08 Good try... the skincolour is a bit pale and her face needs a tiny bit more work...Keep it up though!
Wicked_Lady 2006-12-12 11:55:37 Whatever happened to her feet? O_o I like her tattoo, though =P
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Know wih an attitude that causes her to destroy ..still working on it
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Ever since the earliest of human civilization, a war has been waged. A war between Better and Not-so-good. A war to decide the fate of the world. Today, we gather together, to see the end of this war. Baby and Spam star in: 
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This the drawning style that Chico recommended to me to start with. DBZ Trunks =D I think the face is not like trunks...what do u think?
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I'll prob. use this picture for the summer issue of HADAKA - magazine cos the theme is 'ultimate fantasy'... this comes pretty close to that :p
Getting back to my traditional art, I decided to do an angel sketch from life. I like it, except for the face that is a little unproportionate and too young...

Zydrate Robber

(she's a he ._.)
i created this while listening blues
and don't mind the hands cause i'm not good at that, so i was done early as you see ^^

Hiiiii =3 its been ages since i last uploaded =^.^= lol ^-^ anyways i drew this 2 b my m8s desktop =3 his nick names sky =333 i decided to go all oringe lol i hope you guys like it as much as he did =3 comments will be very much appreciated thx ^-^