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hi all msw members! this is not manga.. sorry! i am learning freehand and i tried this out! hope you all like it!
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versstyle hi all msw members! this is not manga.. sorry! i am learning freehand and i tried this out! hope you all like it!
Def Character 2006-12-06 16:16:32 I like it anyway...Very good ^^ My first vectorbased program I learned was Freehand. But then I discovered Illustrator =P
Lozz 2006-12-06 17:00:22 Wow so much detail, I really like this, good going ^_^
yuX 2006-12-06 23:01:53 whooaaaaa!!!!!! nize..........
mama_logon 2006-12-07 14:53:04 this is my kind of style... I remember when I used freehand the first time. nice!
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Random art
Haha not finished yet obviously, but I'll post the finished one as soon as I get around to it. ^^ 
But for now, enjoy. :D
I was in a good mood today^^
This is my first drawing in photoshop..Like ever
This is made by my friend, not me!!! I love this picture, cause the girl is me!! yeeeh!!  she forgot my glasses and my eyebrows are bigger, but I look better on the picture than in reality, ^0^ now you know how I look ^-^
ABC NEWS HOUR......................................................
A criminally insane person Sarin tracks down. He has ocd and parnoia
done in 2b pencil at first. coloured using adobe photoshop CS2
Seraphim is the name of an angel. I drew her in Human form
Heh, just another sketch  ^_^
A silly little sketch using some of my fav chars, Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist. Hand drawn and colored in opencanvas and photoshop. Yes I'm aware that the VGCats also did a gag on this. There's no need to comment on that fact. Thanks!
A Picture of my character eclypse looking at her younger self.
I went a little overboard on the coloring, can't seem to simplify. ><; I like the basic idea, don't like the coloring of the wall, or the lighting. but alas, Merry Christmas!
I assume this goes in the Furry category *scratches head*  anyhow, as proof of my recent boredom, I decided to enter my neopet into the beauty contest ^^  so, there's the picture.  Oye, its has been a VERY long time since I drew anything non-human oO  ah well.  I wish the background were better, but I wasn't quite sure what to do with it >_>  ah well.  tis cute ;3 *glomps*
Its A Pirate!
Billie the Penguin