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Another Gaia avatar commission.
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konflikti Another Gaia avatar commission.
lotsofblood 2006-12-05 14:55:13 awe some
Marius 2006-12-05 14:57:24 Nice :) The tie is a nice touch ~_^ Her legs are too short though..
Def Character 2006-12-05 16:54:49 and her upper arm is a bit thin compared to the torso ^^
Mactire 2006-12-05 18:25:30 I agree with the two comments made before, but I like the pic. Specially the highlights on her shoulders.
yurusanzo 2006-12-05 23:10:41 havent seen your work in a while... still looks great :)... the problems have been metioned already, but overall this pic is lookin good :)
yuX 2006-12-06 23:05:12 urmm...dont like her bisep (^-^)
Heartless-night 2006-12-10 22:13:04 NICE SKETCH! I HAVE TO AGREE WHIT Marius AND Def_Character BUT NICE POSE AND GOOD STYLE. KEEP IT UP!
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my own version of an eva unit. next-g eva (c) emerson tung.
I've been itching to upload this sucker for days now, but didn't want to until I was able to work further on commissions that NEED to be done ( yes, I'm working on the Sleeping Beauty beach one, no worries ). It's been up on the MLP Arena and Trading Post for those few days, but only because I wanted to introduce the pony community to my regular chibi style *hoping to get some more commissions and possibly sell tshirts ^_^*.<br><br>
Femme chibi male version of Glory, the My Little Pony. Pencils and Copic multiliners inks in sketchbook, colored in Open Canvas. ( available for tshirt transfers for purchase ).<br><br>
Sketched and inked in my sketchbook while being bored in the back of the schools computer lab at work on the students first day of classes. I was ORIGINALLY going to do a chibi picture of my unicorn character, Ellis, but ended up doing a chibi male version of Glory, nude, with noooothing showing. I've printed this out onto dark tshirt transfer paper, and transfered it to a black tshirt. It looks pretty dang cool, actually! Now to see how well the transfer and ink stays after being washed.<br><br><i>~~Bee</i>
covered in snow she died
Part of a painting i have to do for my class. Quick sketch of what it should look like.
Yay improvement! :)
A Ragnarok Priest.  I don't really know what to say about this one. >_< Well, thankyou for the comments on the last picture I put up. :3
Did this for a friend of mine. Visit me at for more!
One of my first drawings on computer.I drew it last year,I believe.
this is a drawing of my character Touchaa when he was a bit younger.
i'm so excited.  i moved into my apartment.  I just started college in atlanta, georgia(from florida).  i just got a new printer/scanner combo by cannon.  i tried the scan program that came with it.  At home i had the hp program and compared to this hp really, really sucks.  i notice that this scanner and program bring out the picture more.  Well this is my first drawing in atlanta.  I have tried not to just do front views and now i'm makeing characters interact.  yes fingers are still a problem but body anatomy and flexability is more fun for me now.  i'm majoring in biology so i use my "artist eye",lol, to see and anylazye different parts of the body well if i have anything else to say i'll add it to a comment but other than that jus tell me wat u all see. thank you
a dude
post! im not dead yet msw! :)
um i dunno wat to right >< a guy /costume desingn thing say for like an army or sumin i dunno any way i think its pretty cool ^^ hope yall like it