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Lozz O-|-< (stick man)
Def Character 2006-11-28 15:59:35 My bet is that he's gonna get soft over the kittycat ^^
Lozz 2006-11-28 16:34:06 ^_^ How did you know that ^_^
WOLF 2006-11-29 07:36:00 ohh it's so cute ! ^^
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-30 09:09:13 O_o what's he gonna do with the kitty? I love cats, don't hurt the cat! Nice drawing. He looks a lot like my friend Martin, some psycho killer I know. ^_^ Nice drawing =D
Lozz 2006-11-30 09:22:01 Don't worry wicked, kitty's gonna be fine ^.^
CericCalas 2006-12-01 23:41:49 I like the cat especially in this, you even included it's poophole
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Watercolor painting
Much newer pic. ^^ This one is of Ryu and Kei floating in mid-air. Warning: both are nude, but no "naughty bits" are showing. ^_~
had fun with this one... :)
this is a sketch of a character that i'm working on.
so i hope you like it,
hes still kinda naked though XD.
This is a piece I made on a block of wood, carved different ways to represent different areas of land. is a colored version of this...
this design reminds me of bleach
Hi! So..its been like..forever right? I mean Ive posted sketches and what not, but REAL work that im actually happy with. This is the first in months. Cover for this months issue, not the most typical of layouts, tried mixing some matrix reloaded with some charlies angel's and the result came out..interesting to say the least. Ay comments, short or long, good or bad, are deeply appreciate it, hope it pleases!
The Raging Spaniard
Dead Face original character for my new comic DA... I'll release title and more information soon...
character from my manga frozen named alice
the fourtenth page of princess nightmare
Here's a collab-groupboarddoodle with Cowboy Bebop theme made by Lozz & me.  On the forum we have an "The Project! An Homage to your favorite series!" -thread in the Art Talk section. Where some the regulars are drawing for at the moment. The first homage we voted for is Cowboy Bebop.  Ehm Dustin when was that dealine again 6^^
Def Character
***I did not draw the lines***
i just colored the pic =]

ryu from street fighter. i haven't actually played the game or anything so i had to look up a reference picture for the colors haha
the lines were by an awesome artist, check him out! 
i had a lot of fun coloring this!
Eye of the Tiger
Streetfighter,little work,lazy