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This is Tristen! a character for a manga I'm thinking of starting, as u can tell I had fun with the color dodge!^_^!
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Ryii-chan This is Tristen! a character for a manga I'm thinking of starting, as u can tell I had fun with the color dodge!^_^!
Def Character 2006-11-28 00:17:32 Fun is the most importent thing with drawing/colouring ^^ ehm the lettershirt is still a bit flat...
Joou 2006-11-28 01:02:29 lol, I see some YnM artstyle influences. Or it looks similar, anyway. x: The neck is a bit long and the face looks a bit flat, but you've definitely got potential. I like his hairstyle.
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-28 09:25:10 The text it great, but it does look a little flat. And his neck is a bit too long. But I love the way you did the hair and the bg. <3
WOLF 2006-11-29 07:39:02 The flat text is stylish. He's handsome ^^
Zeph 2006-12-01 23:22:46 I've never gotten the color dodge to do cool stuff like that, but great coloring!
CericCalas 2006-12-01 23:48:22 Looks like a professional manga cover.
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