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Nagashiwa ^^
Def Character 2006-11-27 13:53:43 Nice one...although his neck seems a bit long ^^
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-27 14:53:06 Soow sweet =) Is that you and your big crush or just made up ppl?
Nagashiwa 2006-11-27 16:51:25 no.. XD whoops I forgot.. its my brother with his girlfriend^^
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-28 09:30:51 >.> Why does he already have a girlfriend? Couldn't you have drawn him without and then introduced me to him?
Nagashiwa 2006-11-28 14:28:05 wahaha XD haha sorry..
Zeph 2006-12-01 23:21:31 Nicely done. Although I think your brother's eyes are a little too far apart
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Random art

well, this is the background i sketched for my caesar portrait. it didn't take too much time or effort but i like how it turned out...ish. so im posting it :D i used a photo reference:
Something I made for deviantart, new ID, maybe you know the things. Well, I thought, it's art, so I submit it..
a little different style this time. Gouache on watercolor paper, creepy.
First sketch of the year :)
I think his head looks a little too big but apart from that I liked how this turned out. I think the colours I picked work well with eachother too. This is just Hyper Kiel with his golden axe. The background took longer than I expected tho as I thought it would due to all the extra details I put into it, but it was all worth it as I had much fun creating the background!
S x Z
After a year of compulsory military service (and inactivity -_-) I am back :P
I am really happy ‘cause this account still exist …although I doubt if anyone remember me XD
Anyway to cut a long story short I draw this sketch to test my rusty skills in drawing bodies thus there are no cloths (although if u take a look at the girl… u can tell that I got a bit carried away :P) 
Oh and this is my first serious attempt to draw legs and foots … ‘till now I was just neglecting them in favor of face  ,upper body and boredom ……… so please be kind enough (lol  ) to make some useful comments
btw in HD :
:) enjoy, this took like 30 minutes? i think :s what else should i draw? thanks
hheehehh wel this was last weekend XD me and a friend of my'n had a anime marathon whit lots of saké :D and golden boy, full metal panic, gto, casshern and so on so on well hope you like it ^^
originally posted at:

new color scheme and new concept ^_____^
evil lizard

Just a old one XD
Also this one.. ehm ^^'' I don't like it really^^
haha let me think this one is from a year a go or something^^''
a color pic of a girl from the realm of hell. horse-fish-girl Aashlyiie! 
<br>this character belongs to
art belongs to me! ^^
Dustin C.