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Joou "set" of notebook sketches of most of my characters. :/ Yeah.
killerkun 2006-11-26 00:26:47 Nice shadows there
carnakilla 2006-11-26 11:00:58 Nice. Very nice =D I like this second guy in 2nd line ^^ And i have to say it -- you draw really good hands. Oh I wish i could draw them like you do v__v
Def Character 2006-11-26 18:25:27 Great sketching ^^
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-27 11:44:48 =O I wish I could draw this good in a notebook =( So.. Almost all of them, eh? When you're gonna upload the rest of them? I really like these. =)
pencil no jutsu 2007-10-23 03:37:47 cool its creat
JT 2010-03-28 05:52:38 those are very good, all of em!
ish 2011-04-23 02:54:12 Your sketching is very moody and intense, great shadows. I like it a lot
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Random art
having fun?
Just a quick sketch i'll color soon. But before i do, what should be in the thought bubble? pie, cookies,....
Domo Kun. Non commercial work, Domo is licensed by NHK, Japan.

This is my second Xbox 360 console paintjob, done for my sister in law.

Original can be viewed here;
Practicing poses wich I colored really quick. This one is actually a few weeks old but thought I should put it up anyway, been gone for a while so yeah :P 
Got so much W.I.P's I need to finish.... And I will work on them starting today so I'll be uploading a lot of new pictures soon! =D
And here is the line-art ^_^ it surprised me that it didn't take long to finish this, just an hour or so. I'm very pleased with this drawing =)
Okay, so it's not quite a color picture. However, it's not exactly a sketch, lineart or oekaki so it counts, I guess. Anyway, this was a picture that I made for a student. She asked me to make a picture of anything, so I doodled this up for her real quick during one of my break periods. If you're wondering what the words say, they are, "Dear God. Please let the wind feel good. That's my one request."

Mediums used: Pencil and paper, Photoshop CS (for the words and colors). Time taken: 45 minutes for the drawing, 25-30 minutes for the extra stuff.
just testing with the imageready (?!)
A sketchy fan-art of Haruko Haruhara from FLCL. She's pretty damn cool.
i think the tatoos turned out great on this guy
The whole idea behind this was a girl and a guy switching their outfits, so you get a guy in girl's clothing and a girl in guy's clothing ^_^ Yes, I'm aware that the guy's one leg is longer than the other (oops) XD No shading yet, but I'm uploading it anyway ^___^
Kirin again :3 one of my characters.
mostly fire practice
Another God from the same rp as Hinoke and Kita.
This is a drawing of hikaru hitachiin from ouran high school host club :)