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this is my first drawing of a cello
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mama_logon this is my first drawing of a cello
killerkun 2006-11-23 18:46:48 explendid
AnimeDays 2006-11-23 19:01:30 Nice piece. I like the color approach you took. The only thing is b/c of the way you colored it, and your light line style, it kinda mushes with the background. Adding color to the background, or darkening some of the lines could fix that...but overall I really like it!
Def Character 2006-11-23 19:20:26 Awsome ^^
Lozz 2006-11-23 19:27:25 Good work with the hands X3
Uezurii 2006-11-24 16:00:18 whoa this is awasome..could you maybe give me some tips... ;p
mama_logon 2006-11-24 18:59:35 thanks, it was my very first drawing of a girl playing a cello. it was done with color pencils quickly and some fixings on photoshop. it's from the 2002 I remember
Zeph 2006-11-24 19:59:52 Nicely, nicely done. The sketch and the coloring are great. You captured alot fo the action in this one picture.
lonewolf 2006-11-25 07:08:09 wow, wonderful!
breathingishibashi 2006-11-25 09:06:56 you are like a poet with a paintbrush.... please keep drawing** you are amazing~
mama_logon 2006-11-25 18:09:54 thanks so much
lotsofblood 2006-11-26 17:59:36 i like it..noo...i love it!
noname 2006-11-27 10:11:33 wow awesome I like the colors sooo much ^^
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-27 14:39:22 ... Speechless
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