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HELP !!!! I'm having trouble with the tail, it looks kinda flat, I need tips and/or any other help!!! 0_0
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Lozz HELP !!!! I'm having trouble with the tail, it looks kinda flat, I need tips and/or any other help!!! 0_0
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-11-21 11:41:37 mak more highlights
Mactire 2006-11-21 14:05:43 Yeah, I think that more highlights will do the trick. Looks very nice, only the feet look a bit too small to me. ^_^
Lozz 2006-11-22 08:08:10 I'm working on the tail right now..... well not *right now* because I'm talking to you, but you get my drift right ?
AnimeDays 2006-11-23 20:09:08 Think more shades. When we look at things it's not just a light area and a shadow area. There's graduation, distinction, blurriness. Yellow/light orange for lighter areas, orange tones for mid range, and dark orange to brown/reddish browns for shadows. Think in or look at a lot of Black and white work. Cute drawing btw. I like his tribal tattoos!
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