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Hello!!! (I'v run out of things to say) XD
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Lozz Hello!!! (I'v run out of things to say) XD
Remi 2006-11-20 02:10:27 You could always give a description of the pic. ;) I Like the hair and tattoos btw.
Def Character 2006-11-20 03:07:16 Squirel-boy eh... now let us see some colours ^^
Kimiko 2006-11-20 10:05:06 He looks very sweet ^-^
ukkie 2006-11-21 06:30:08 awwww cute! The squirrel at his feet is adorable ^_^ But I think his legs and feet are a little short. Very nice! Now let us see some colours, like Def said ^_~
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-21 08:45:30 NOOOOO!!!! Havený you ppl ever learned that squirels are very, very EVIL monsters? He doesn't look sweet, he looks devilish. Acting all innocent >.> I'm warning ya'll: Beware of the squirels!
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-11-21 10:09:40 Nice tattoo
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Random art
A realism portrait of a Thai model.

Since it's Thailand, the percentage that it's a really she is a bit risky.
in this piece I tried drawing with the tablet. it feels very strange, but I think if I get the hang of it, it will rule my life XD
i need the most brutal comments !!!!!!!!!
I tried a new way of coloring(for me) on this... c&c please.
Just a witch
HEY! LONG TIME NO NOTHING! Im planning a big update later tonight, cause god knows you never get any comments at this time of day... haha, so for warmups Im just posting the color version of this old sketch. First time I colored a pic with a tablet if I remember correctly. Anyways, hope you enjoy it, more later
The Raging Spaniard
This is the cover illustration of the 1st volume of my manga GOTT GAUSS, which was published this August in Germany. You can read the first 86 pages in English here at MWS at the "manga" section > "member manga". 
More infos at:
Outlines: black ball point pen
Medium: watercolor, gouache
Background: watercolor, airbrush + acrylic
Paper type: watercolor; 250g/m2
Size: A3 (29,7 x 42 cm)
got taste?
this is fifth pic of the project of PN's seven love ©. experimenting more on pspX, so i did this to a totally different style to the
these pics have been drawn long ago like since december (but exams got in the way- crap)and i know i need to work on my anatomy, next time i'll post some of my present work up after i'm done with the project.
anyways enjoy.
let me know what you think
my character germaine
first try with markers. not that great, but it was fun. I called him sparky and it kind of stuck...
A half demon, half angel thingie .... might ink & colour it later, might not .... who knows, who cares XD
i've been working
on this for a long while~~

i've been thinking about getting it published, but then i wouldn't want to give my self-consciousness cause to panic by giving a damn~~lol
anyway, this project is called ‰º–k‘ò‚ɁuƒIƒ„ƒXƒ~v‚Á‚ÄŒ¾‚Á‚Ä‚ ‚°‚éB softly encroaching upon becoming a self portrait of the panicky year i've had.
i won't put up the whole thing, because it's still not finished, and i've still yet to put the text in it. the content becomes quite ambiguous and then it just becomes a "staring at pictures" situation...which i'm sorry about, considering i don't deserve to be amongst you all, but i've wanted to share with you guys for so long, so i apologize for any frustration due to my poor talent.

it does read from right to left like standard asian publications. talk to me anytime^^