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she looks a bit dead so i made it 18+, don't wanna scare little kids... made it in class, i think she's cute XD
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ElementorCookie she looks a bit dead so i made it 18+, don't wanna scare little kids... made it in class, i think she's cute XD
Lozz 2006-11-16 07:20:28 cute in a weird dead way right? :3
Def Character 2006-11-16 08:30:23 That would make a good wife for the main player in "The Nightmare Before Christmas "
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-16 13:18:23 CUTE<3 ^^ I can be cute just like that! Why else would I be called Wicked, eh? ;) Nice sketch
Naka 2006-12-04 00:41:43 it would be even better if her limbs are badly stitched up ^_^
0v3rL0aD 2007-05-10 12:37:30 lolll awesomenesss =D shes like a zombie =] hope u like zombies
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Random art
Should be a topic 'Doom' xD Anyway random brainfarts. Again. around 5 hours, photoshop cs. Not too happy with it. Lacks composition, depth and well, stuff. What I do like is the fire-spewing rock over there ^^
This is Daisuke and Wizz from D.N. Angel.. just finished inking it. If there's something odd please do tell me so i can change it before i'm gonna colour it ^^..
a sword slashing someone ....
Yusu Cama, made him in the year 2004 (^^)
Has anyone ever seen Erementar Gerad..?
A dragon that I drew for school and almost drives me crazy, becoz when I drew this I kept on mumbling " Dragon~~ Dragon~~~ " And scares all my roomates. They must be thinking that I am nuts ^_^;; (P.S inked by Staedler)
This is a piece I made on a block of wood, carved different ways to represent different areas of land. is a colored version of this...
Nah, worked long on this one. My inspiration was on a holiday trip somewhere in the mountains that day, untill it suddenly came home and I made this one^^ (Hope you like it, this whole photoshop-thingy is new for me, so...)
here is another one tell me the tips i
need thank you
this is my bunny girl lilly. i was trying to go for more animal like by changing her proportions abit. didnt work well though.
The Main Character of my Manga, Yukari Ayutsuki, a girl with a black and red colored hair. ive just started to draw my characters, but not the manga.

its an horror fighting adventure manga
argel rivero

Its been a while since I uploaded some art so I thought I'll show you a thing I'm working on. The lineart is done, now all I need is to color it!!

This is the first of a series I'm going to make. Its about girls with signs, if you think about a few fun ones let me know...