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she looks a bit dead so i made it 18+, don't wanna scare little kids... made it in class, i think she's cute XD
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ElementorCookie she looks a bit dead so i made it 18+, don't wanna scare little kids... made it in class, i think she's cute XD
Lozz 2006-11-16 07:20:28 cute in a weird dead way right? :3
Def Character 2006-11-16 08:30:23 That would make a good wife for the main player in "The Nightmare Before Christmas "
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-16 13:18:23 CUTE<3 ^^ I can be cute just like that! Why else would I be called Wicked, eh? ;) Nice sketch
Naka 2006-12-04 00:41:43 it would be even better if her limbs are badly stitched up ^_^
0v3rL0aD 2007-05-10 12:37:30 lolll awesomenesss =D shes like a zombie =] hope u like zombies
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Another character for Attune. A teammate of the main character Aries, Apollo.
this was done 3-4 years ago
I tried to draw a Korean actrice (yes, Asian women totally inspire me).. Did it in Corel. Quite not finnished.. still some bad spots, no bg. not in the mood for finnishing it :P
this is my last work
comment in forum pls

I watch Spongebob all the time! This reminds me of a guy I used to know!
ive been busy with making digital wallpapers, so i figured i'd do something back in my style. Hope you like it
Keeper of time.

I spot problems with his Arm and shoulder
Did this one for a friend of mine, Jurjen.

He wanted a total black Xbox 360; i partially did what he wanted, heh. I left the power on button white, so when you push it, you connect with 'faith' (which reads on top of the console)

P.S.: forgive me for taking these blurry pictures, the light wouldnt co-op..

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it is a sketch, but wid colouring pencil..does it stil count as a sketch? n e way, i drew this from a picture that i saw some ware b4, but that was years it reminds me of me nd my boy friend =p leave a comment if u like..
Floating cities in the sky! zomg! Sketch! paoweifjapweo... yeah.
A really quick doodle that I made today, despite the mistakes I kind of liked it so hence the reason for why I coloured it. XD
This is my latest pic, all the rest I   submitted were recent, but few months   old. Pictures are taking longer and   longer to finish... is this a good   sign??? O_o

Prismacolor markers and pencils on   Bristol. A scene of two boys playing   with whatever they have. ^_^; The boy in   the front looks extremely like one of   the other boy I have in my gallery,   wasn't intended, but even the clothes   are the same...
it is the same guy in this strip I used him always because i want My own character ^^ it is a strip in dutch because i am dutch,Enjoy!