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wut u think
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filthy wut u think
Def Character 2006-11-14 10:14:15 Very good ^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-11-14 12:27:50 nice pose there
CericCalas 2006-11-18 13:56:31 Not bad, only thing that stands out is the biceps, they should be opposite,the right bicep should be less curved and the left one should be more curved(because the left one is more contracted). also, the right arm is further, so the bicep should be smaller than the left bicep. keep it up
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this is an old drawing that i fix up at
had fun in Gimp when I got frustrated with coloring this one... meant to be character design for Strathmore lol
RE4 roolz, i really mean it...
My very first oekaki^_^ It turned out pretty well I think. Only her hair looks a bit odd to me.
some embarrased guy what do you think of it
An exaggerated comic style sketch of my OC, Ichirou. Everything out of proportion was done on purpose in an attempt to make it look more cartoon-y.
hello :)
Long time didn't post anything. ^^; I had been in MWS for like 3 years and sadly most people I know at that time had left. Well, I will still try to upload something once in a while :3 So people, feel free to critic and kill my art XD -- Pen: Staedler, Color: Photoshop 7.0, Time spent: 4 hours
I feel very pleased using a new style to draw with *^^* after drawing a few with reference, I decided to do some testing without using reference.
I just made this for an avatar, what do you think?
i drew it, my brother colored it. It's a render so there's no background. =]

made by my brother (10)