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Mactire 2006-11-13 07:37:08 Nice work, but why did you post it as a negative image? And you could have cropped it to save loadingtime.
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-13 13:58:56 *agrees with the above, but doesn't really want to leave a comment, just to be annoying*
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-13 14:01:31 Darn, I failed >.< Oh well, might as well say it: The pic looks good =)
Leaf 2007-01-22 10:15:39 Hmm Nice.
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Random art
TADA!!! this is for Kagami and Raptoe... and yes I am a guy that made a Yaoi...*shamed* :D I know ther is no real reference to harry-Potter but it works for me :P
^^ this is like a robot
calld a puppet / doll (havent decided)
wel anyhow it can be used as armor (it strengthens the warer) or operaited by remote can also br progrsmed to do certen tasks
watch out!nudity!finaly!:)
Yet an other Resident evil fan art!

You can get this pic in the game if you click Setlers desk 100 times
well this is a summon i designed  for a game i and a friend are going to make altho we dont even have a story for it XD
just an elf-faery! comment...
My character Aurora. :D Done with sharpies and colored pencils.
:D :D


Here's KBP1, another cyborg from the "Kazahana Family Mass Battle" story.
It´s not really mangaish but i tought i´d show you guys anyway.again i´m having problems with colors not closing again, so i deleted the colors I tryed something but that diden´t work well I guess I´l just have to wait until some good ideas come into my head.
Ragnarok fanart
A fanart "get well soon" icon of Heero(from gundam wing) for my friend, when she was sick...
i really like the consept, but its a really old pic.. i think im gonna redraw it, so hopefully you'll be able to see it soon!    used pencil crayons