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A surfuresqe guy i drew with markers  this is quite old i did it at the begining of the year
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MatthiusMonkey A surfuresqe guy i drew with markers this is quite old i did it at the begining of the year
Def Character 2006-11-09 20:41:18 b^_^d
Zeph 2006-11-10 00:24:31 i think i commented on your deviantart on this one. I love it. Nicely nicely done. the shirt, and his chest area are great
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-13 14:09:22 *agrees with Def and Zeph* Very nice, dude! *gets flashbacks from another drawing on wich I also agrees with those two* Nvm, This pic is great, I love it <3
mama_logon 2006-11-29 12:50:51 I like the costume and the color
tymagic 2009-04-18 19:34:44 WOW FANTASTIIC!!!!!!!! ^-^
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Random art
this is shizu-chan he is my favorite character from durarara!!
=3 ... yes yes yes NikA wants to be a fantasy artist (or something close to that ^^U ). What i like, her face, horns and coloring. What i dont like,  her right arm and the wings =/ (a pain in the ...). C&C welcome as usual =3
I thought that this image would never get out of my head, I like the little details in it
Sozo teki
Finally I'm backk. I haven't been here for awhile~

This is the messenger. She carries messages and magic and such to the spirit world from the human world. She does this via ponds and lakes, in which she sprinkles her magic in them and then dives in, creating a portal only she can use. [[Ask to draw her, if you want. [:  ]]
i drawn him because i borrowed his pentel pen and he also requested for it...

he was playing ragnarok before but humbly gave his account to his cousin.....

well, medyo corny minsan at pasaway dahil adik din sa games tulad ko pero dahil friendship......friendship
Nameless - Unfinished hand coloured boardbabe - feb 2001
a quick sketch of my avatar Mai Lan from gaiaonline ^-^
It is a Pirate. I hope you like it.
OpenCanvas - 2006
Pchat, Pchat...
her is some other stuff I hope you like it ^^ I think she looks very kawaii
pencil no jutsu
I was making this one originally for a girl whose birthday passed a bit ago, but i made i big mistake and i fear that i have made her mad at me, so this one ended to be an apology :/
Has anyone ever seen Erementar Gerad..?