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This is a chibi of my new character Kunai ^^ 

Please comment here if you have DA account
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Ayumi This is a chibi of my new character Kunai ^^ Please comment here if you have DA account
Def Character 2006-11-07 16:39:58 Awwww only the eyes seem to be looking in different directions somehow...
Zeph 2006-11-07 23:36:33 There's a thin white outline around the makes it look like it's not on his face. But nicely done
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Random art
I found the software for my scanner :D but haven't scanned anything yet, so until I do, here's a Typography piece from my Dig. Imaging class(picture is of me). spent 8-10 hours on it in PSCS2(wish I coulda used Illustrator)
i actually spent 1 class and one lunch period drawing this... if it werent for sharlene-chan i would of posted this up with food stains XD
I was inspired by the mountains to draw this.
medium:colored pencils
reuploaded so you can see it betta
You know after drawing these winged guys day after day I've realised that my style still jumps around quite a bit *boo* T_T'' Looks like I'm gonna have to work harder to stop that from happening in the future (\(;3;)/)
Gaiaonline avatar.
I made this art just jet, How do you like it?
I finally finished this and I really think I should stick to CG works over traditional works. However, I sort of like both versions but that is only because of how I slaved over coloring the actual artwork using color pencils. 

The CG one is much better though.
erm...a drawing of a girl?? can i post this here? >~<
This is a drawing of YugiYami from Yugi-oh. This is the first drawing I put on the net, so please comment.
This drawing speaks by itself, as they see is a CATBOY that tangle in its own ball
YES! its done!
I must say I'm verry pleased with the result!
I used marcer and color pencil to color the girl and references from a real CD-box to make the detailes on the CD... finishing touches in photoshop.


This is the first of a small series of girls and signs, tips and idears are welcome!

let me know what you think!
burning sexy time.
Puppy love.......

Have a happy christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzah