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Tee hee hee this is a Avi art for gaia online too ^^. Its a art that i made for Pinky_chan's Gaiaonline account
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lino-chan Tee hee hee this is a Avi art for gaia online too ^^. Its a art that i made for Pinky_chan's Gaiaonline account "Chrono_chan" i hope you like this sketch [this skets was my 3th art with a tablet]
Wicked_Lady 2006-11-07 09:42:57 Looks good ^^ You make nice things with your tablet, I'm hoping to get one too for my b-day. I do like the sketch =)
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-11-07 14:09:01 nARUTO?
lino-chan 2006-11-08 08:35:24 well it wasn't my meaning to make it look like naruto...but now you are saying it...tee hee hee ^^;;
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Random art
^^ tee hee! i have been working hard n poses! i picked this as my best recent picture, im going to colour it. I was thinking of adding the wings but im not sure. i think i will because it might look cool, what do you think?
Happy Halloween! 
Special for Halloween.
This is my first artwork here, so I hope you like it. :)
Manga Art
This is a recent sketch of that I like a lot, personally. He's in his school uniform. I guess that's it. Comments are appreciated.
Boxing ^^ about 2.5 hours
This artwork was created with the rotogravure technique. Therefore I had to evenly spread out black, wax-like paste on a polished copperplate. Then I scratched away the black paste with a really thin, fine needle. Thereafter the copperplate was etched in a acid bath. The waxed parts keep spared, the scratched parts becomes grooves. Then I washed away the paste and filled the grooves with black print colour paste. Now, the copperplate was ready for printing with a special machine. The heavy drum pressed down the copperplate into an absorbent, humid paper sheet, which soaked up the black colour. And here you see the result.^^
there is a girl who's making a book, and she asked me to make the cover  ^_^
An OC of mine from my manga Hokori~ yay my first pic post ^_^

This is Tristen! a character for a manga I'm thinking of starting, as u can tell I had fun with the color dodge!^_^!
It't a "prototyp" a Pre-alfa version.... I think the chin is to pointy...
heh, i was messin around with line art for like 3 minutes then i went a little crazy with coloring for such bad line art...especially the blur tool O_O i'm kinda experimenting

yuup. i don't think this is suitable for people under 18, so i checked the box...