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I drawing I did.. I used a mech i found online for reference.  This is the first artwork ive submited in like 2 years lol, so hope you like it.
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phexus I drawing I did.. I used a mech i found online for reference. This is the first artwork ive submited in like 2 years lol, so hope you like it.
Def Character 2006-10-26 23:45:26 It's about time... fu. Now get us some more ^_^
yurusanzo 2006-10-27 12:13:27 nice, reminds me of armored core... and everyone knows my love for armored core <3
TheDarkHell 2006-10-27 18:33:14 u got some nifty mecha there :3
Kimiko 2006-10-29 08:29:16 Wow, it looks so real ^0^
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-29 11:37:25 Mecha's not really my thing, but it does look cool =)
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Koruss Character Sheet
I know one wing is longer than the ohter, but I like how they were positioned.. But which wing do you like better? (The one bit with feathers on it or without)?
Critism/Comments/Suggestions Welcomed!!! ^^
I had to reshade the pic, cause my scanner never picks up light pencil markings.
this is one of my favorite Clamp anime....though childish in mood, the drawings and styles are really fantastic and favorite character is meilin not sakura. i drawn this upon request of my friend who love sakura.
This I drew right around the same time I drew Adrian.  I felt like drawing a fan art, and I was still in my mode of experimenting with shading, sooo, out came a shaded picture of Miho-San in an odd sort of Kimono thingy ^^  *sigh* Miho would never make that face tho.. oh well  the gloves are cool, yah  ^^
The re-make of the death for the contest at my skool :3, enjoy and comment please
I made this art a long time ago. its means something i hope you can see that too... OHW forgot too say the scaner sucks the colers are not so Great/pretty animore.
Solin mom asked me if i wanted some cake and this is wat i thought up ^_^ haha

umm basically i did it really yeah ^_^ dont be harsh it took me all of 10 mins >:O
another one ;P a bit older sumwhat...
this is a fanart for kingdom hearts, it waws a christmas gift to a friend. the only thing i dont liek is the shading in pen i did on the skin tones of riku, and kairi. it seemed like a good idea.... nto so much, but it still looks, good, im happy with it! pencil crayon, ink, ball point pens, white chalk
this is fifth pic of the project of PN's seven love ©. experimenting more on pspX, so i did this to a totally different style to the
these pics have been drawn long ago like since december (but exams got in the way- crap)and i know i need to work on my anatomy, next time i'll post some of my present work up after i'm done with the project.
anyways enjoy.
Caged Birds.
S Cloud Strife, took me a lot to upload something, so here's a fanart
a caged bird....get it?
I was just bored one night...and doodled this...and it turned out great!