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Whose heart bleeds?
Artist Description
Merink Whose heart bleeds?
yurusanzo 2006-10-26 01:40:39 <<<--- runs between couple and snatches heart, blows a bubble with gum, grabs it and flys away ::mine:: >:)
Def Character 2006-10-26 06:19:03 Hope the switching of parts are compatible...^^
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-29 11:51:57 Nice drawing, love the idea <3 And yurusanzo, you give that heart back!
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Random art
I was bored and dind know what to draw,so some random drawing became this litlle artistic piece,nice and colourfull.
Germaine and Ray, her first love, kinda inbetween her infactuation with D'vonte, poor girl falls for guys too fast
Well...its not a sketsh and its not line where do I post this....
My biggest hobby, uploading old crap! this is a gothic valentines card. I DID'NT DREW THE BACKGROUND! just pasted my art in a photo and added the Cradle of Filth logo!
OpenCanvas - 2006
Well I was drawing this as a boy who had to wear this clothes so he can meet with his wealthy boyfriends parents as a girl. ^ ^
This my first Chibi.. I hope so you like it.. d ^ ^ b
cute maid girl i drew a long time ago------- originally posted at
evil lizard
this a pic of a ring master, from a circus
i made thsi character after i went to the circus, and i was gonna put sparkles on her out fit.. but they cost money
i did this with pencil crayon
My first official artwork for my Adult-Doujinshi group called HADAKA.
This piece is supposed to be used as a small poster or a postcard. I want to put the line "Want to get HADAKA with me?" in it somewhere... but I'm not sure where. :p
Obviously this piece was inspired by my favorite (dead) artist Alfons Mucha.
Art from me and my ex bf. I still like this drawwing so thats why its still here ^___~
new pic im working on ^-^ i thought id upload it now cus it might take me a while to colour it =3 piz let me know wat you think so far ^-^ im still wondering if i should add more roses =3
last page of my first manga lol
My OC Kazuki.
A human that is noormally mistaken to be Lucifer's Incarnate.