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i drew one of my characters over in a different style from my own... not being yourself is hard work :(
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yurusanzo i drew one of my characters over in a different style from my own... not being yourself is hard work :(
ukkie 2006-10-21 10:40:20 I agree with Vertigo, the eyes are really pretty! I also love the thing in her hair ^____^
Kimiko 2006-10-22 06:50:12 Wow, the eyes are so beautiful ^0^
Def Character 2006-10-22 15:15:00 Great detail...
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-22 15:18:48 <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 Not being yourself is very hard indeed, but it sure did pay off!
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-10-23 05:51:15 yeah nice eyes, this one I like the most of all your drawings ;)
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Random art
I suck when I draw on the computer but my mom stole my scanner.
Sorry that it is so well...Blah!
Comments are always welcome
Water lily
trying out to draw real manga stylish
Manga Art
Some quick cowboy-girl (is that a word?:P) sketch. But what I wanted to say is: after a comment on one of my drawings from Copycat I started to notice that there are a lot of people uploading their art on this site, but only a few people who are commenting. Some drawings even get no comments at all! So hereby I wanted to ask from everybody who reads this: PLEASE COMMENT OTHER PEOPLE'S ARTWORK! anyone can use help on their drawings and it's not that much of an effort. Thank you ^_^ p.s. i'm going on holiday so I won't upload/comment for a while
old art time.  I found it and decided to upload it cause I don't have anything else lol.
Zaraki Kenpachi... 'cause he's awesome ;)

Hope you like ^^
i think the tatoos turned out great on this guy
AAahh!! School has already started, what a nightmare!! o.0 , here's a drawing that I colored with water colored pencils, first time!! ^^ But I changed the eyes with painter and I used the tool fairy dust. So I named this drawing: 'Meisje met paraplu en sterretjes' XD briljante naam tog XD
My new Postbank card. They now have an service where you can desighn your own pass. It's nice to show off with you bank card ^_^
Karim Labrat......"ALTER SUMMONER"
Meika - CG: Paint Shop Pro - nov 2001
Took me 3 days. This is one of my cleanest paintjobs so far. Did this one for Gameholic at

b.t.w.: this is Sonic as imaged in his Dreamcast era :)

P.S.: forgive me for taking these blurry pictures, the light wouldnt co-op..

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You might think her doing a roundhouse kick but he isn't, didn't work out quite the way i wanted, however i don't think this one turned out to bad