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Still have to clean the lines and maybe add more detail....but this is almost what the finished one will look like...
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Uezurii Still have to clean the lines and maybe add more detail....but this is almost what the finished one will look like...
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-15 17:52:10 Wow... Me luffz it <33333 ^^
Nagashiwa 2006-10-15 17:58:51 Nice I like it!!
Def Character 2006-10-16 00:09:01 Go Uezurii Go...^^
ukkie 2006-10-16 03:27:26 so cool! Love the contrast ^_^
ninnyo 2006-10-16 09:21:23 oh wauw i love everything about this one! <3
Zeph 2006-10-18 00:42:54 You've been working on this for quite some time, I can't wait to see it done
Shinfate 2006-10-19 14:50:23
Shinfate 2006-10-19 14:51:02 woops XD hey! looks good ^^
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Random art

Just a quick drawing that I did. I sketch my pictures then I ink them and then scan them. I know this one is simple, but I'd like to know what other people thing. Critiques would also be appreciated! Or on a scale from 1 to 10 or something, thanks!
hey long time no been here, and here I come with some nasty doodles XD I don't really find the time to draw anymore T_T so I end up drawing crap. owh well ^^
this is a thankyou gift for a friend in deviantART. the mechas belong to me, the guilty gear characters belong to those who created guilty gear.
zacky vengeance from avenged sevenfold. JPEG screwed up the colors.
so I didn't get to exactly finish my last drawing, though its well on its way and about done... I just lost my graphic pen when my friend left for school, but I will have access to another one soon. in the meantime, heres a sketch of my friend on her request.
The first group pic I tried. Please tell me what I can improve before I color it!! (they're not naked...I just didn't draw the clothes yet XD)
got bored and made this
also my scanner is still broken:( so any way enjoy
yeaah, its bin a while,but here's a new sketch..
Nothing in particulair,wanted to draw something with smoke.
A friend of mine asked me if I could line and colour her picture, I thought it was good practice so I did :/ hope it looks ok ^^'
Amazing shading something worthy of the name art
Outlines: brown china ink
Medium: TRIA Pantone Marker, watercolor
Background: watercolor, acryl
Paper type: watercolor; 250g/m2
Size: DIN A3
Time: 20 h
Title: cold

This was something out of the blue made on an online doodleboard, no idea where it came from though. There's probably a lot wrong with it but still i like it somehow 6^^ brrrr. . .
Def Character
"Satyr & Nymph"
Inspired by greek mythology. Satyrs most of the time are aggresive and rude to women, called Nymphs. But this one is more friendly than the others and I have to say that he may be in love with this nymph!