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His head is TOO BIG for his body,oh well I'm an idiot, never mind XP
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Lozz His head is TOO BIG for his body,oh well I'm an idiot, never mind XP
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-14 12:12:40 Wow, this is awesome! I love the hands, they're drawn so perfectly <3
ukkie 2006-10-15 16:04:24 His head too big? I disagree ^_^ I really like the stripes as shadows!^__^
Zeph 2006-10-15 16:35:32 His head I think is's the position of it that's wierd. it's just he has no neck. Nicely done though. The hands and muscles are great.
Def Character 2006-10-15 17:15:41 Nice one...
lotsofblood 2006-10-15 17:59:05 body disproportions? haha so what!?
ninnyo 2006-10-16 11:14:05 i agree with ukkie. <33
Jessie_Clanclan 2006-10-16 22:08:24 His head looks like a good size to me.
Lozz 2006-10-17 10:24:04 Zeph, he has no neck cuz he's leaning forward (kinda) XP
mama_logon 2006-10-20 17:13:16 you are not an idiot, you just have some little problem with your perspective, that's all
pencil no jutsu 2007-07-02 01:35:25 very nice art cool muscles
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Random art
umm it's kinda faded but just a sketch

this is the second pic i uploaded......(i couldnt think of anygood poses or clothes BTW).....if u have any suggestions or anything please leave a comment!
should i draw in the wings? mixed feelins...
hey people its been a while sinds i last uploaded. well anyways here is a pic that im going to paint on a wall add our new school bilding well im going to try because i never paint ^^. i tryed to do a new way of coloring kinda like the manga carta coloring style, they most of the time only use brushes in photoshop so i tryed that to(but iff still got a looong way to go :P ). the line art is drawn whit the fine liner tho. well tell me what you think

drew myself...
no. VII 
Gotta thank NikA for a lot of tips, though they're not implemented in this gag yet. (maybe I will redo this one so I can compare the two)
I like this one. Still needs improvment though!
manga im working on 22 pgs so far its at
Harry Potter Grows Up
I'm in a bit of  a hurry right now, so I'm not able to finish it at this moment. I probably will though ^_^
I mistakingly deleted it, lol
//Outlines: black pen
//Medium: TRIA Pantone Marker, watercolor
//Background: TRIA Pantone //Marker, watercolor
//Paper type: watercolour; 250g/m2
//Size: DIN A3