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>>my VerSion of The Mighty WOLverine...just a easy Sketch nothiN speCial..commEnt Plez.
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yuX >>my VerSion of The Mighty WOLverine...just a easy Sketch nothiN speCial..commEnt Plez.
Merink 2006-10-10 10:14:28 Oh coool, I really like it. The anatomy is correct and I love his facial expression, but its hard to really see his left eye... sides that I love it ^_^
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-10 10:22:15 AWESOME!!
ninnyo 2006-10-10 10:33:27 WOW! HE IS HOT
Ayla 2006-10-10 17:53:07 i really like the face detail and his arm. perfect amount of muscle. i do sense something wrong from where his neck branches to the tip of his shoulder.. but i cant put my finger on exactly what it is. anyway, it looks good. keep it up.
Zeph 2006-10-10 18:39:38 that's actually pretty awesome. and the anatomy is nicely dont. great sketch
Def Character 2006-10-11 06:18:31 Wolvie in his young years eh...
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Hi, I drew this for school, I don't know what kind of animal it is, but I think it's kinda cute ^0^. Please enjoy ^-^

itachi san96
Silke from Berserk. A bit more adult this time. I don't actually remember if I posted the other piece here.
This is a quick drawing I did of Soul Eater Evans from Soul Eater. If you ask me I think his eyes are a little messed up here but I was in school and not trying my best. I hope you all like it XD...By the way, this is drawn from an existing picture of Soul Eater! I did not create this original pose!
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One of the Killerkun card-ish thingies XD

An old drawing remasterd on the PC...This elf is about to discover this puddle of water is not so verry nice O_____O
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first post :D
This is like a witch with a sword, like killing an ogre... like in mid-air.
It's been like ages since i uploaded something here, hello again peoplz
Lined this pic a week ago, didnt feel the need to color it, but I still colored it, rather made new pics... ah well can do that now. :D so sorry if the coloring is quite bad, just ....didnt want to color, poor excuse I know XD
Hey you guys! How's it ging here! Long time no see. I spend a lot of time working (editing) But I'm still verry much alive ^^
some random sketches, the right picture might have a few anatomy flaws. owh well XD every flaw a new time to draw
yeap, im still learning to use open canvas .... look how cute this one looks!!! im happy about the colorwork but a few things are wrong: im not use to do boys so i dont like his mouth and nose but i like his hair =D ... and the "handcuff" (some sort of handcuff) they are suppous to be one piece of some material without chain in the middle .... it didnt turn out well ... oh yes, i dont like HIS left hand, the wrist is too big!!! arggg .. anyway comments are welcome ^^ .... note: i reuploaded the pic after fixing his face .... now its more simetric :D, almost fix his hands and added some shadows to the girls hand ... note2: rereuploaded now he has an angry expression on his face ..... oh yes, added some pattern onto the bed sheet