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>>my VerSion of The Mighty WOLverine...just a easy Sketch nothiN speCial..commEnt Plez.
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yuX >>my VerSion of The Mighty WOLverine...just a easy Sketch nothiN speCial..commEnt Plez.
Merink 2006-10-10 10:14:28 Oh coool, I really like it. The anatomy is correct and I love his facial expression, but its hard to really see his left eye... sides that I love it ^_^
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-10 10:22:15 AWESOME!!
ninnyo 2006-10-10 10:33:27 WOW! HE IS HOT
Ayla 2006-10-10 17:53:07 i really like the face detail and his arm. perfect amount of muscle. i do sense something wrong from where his neck branches to the tip of his shoulder.. but i cant put my finger on exactly what it is. anyway, it looks good. keep it up.
Zeph 2006-10-10 18:39:38 that's actually pretty awesome. and the anatomy is nicely dont. great sketch
Def Character 2006-10-11 06:18:31 Wolvie in his young years eh...
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I had to reshade the pic, cause my scanner never picks up light pencil markings.
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