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When I was little... I used to think that airborne things were really held up by tiny invisible thread >w<

Well heres just a lil illustration of htis idea XD

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SPN When I was little... I used to think that airborne things were really held up by tiny invisible thread >w< Well heres just a lil illustration of htis idea XD 'njoy~
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-10 02:21:48 I LOVE IT!! <333333 I used to think the same >.< This drawing looks awesome and the coloring is very, very good! *Two thumbs up for the airborne thingies, held up by invisible threat.. And for you, of course* ^^
yurusanzo 2006-10-10 03:32:15 airborne things are held up by tiny invisible thread... shame on you superman! awsome pic
Def Character 2006-10-10 06:30:30 Great nuff said
Dustin C. 2006-10-10 07:31:27 cool concept, and great art! ^^
Kheine 2006-10-10 16:46:52 Soft n good ^^
Ayla 2006-10-10 17:53:35 niiiiiiice. love his face.
Zeph 2006-10-10 18:40:45 awesome drawing and coloring. your stuff is amazing. keep it up
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Hi guys, it's been awhile since i've drawn,a lot has changed here in this site.. its been 3 years since the last time i produced something but anyway, here's a practice run-of-the-mill work. Lineart was doddled off from our boring medicine class and CGed while waiting for the next class,a ballpen was used.Photoshop CS 2.0 on a laptop (it's a no-no for me but can't help it).
Ryuk from Death note
This is a picture I personally like very much tell me what you think please
After 4 month being unable to find some time to draw anything …
I’ve last found time for this quick sketch …
I do not have much to say about it …I draw it using only pens I had to cover my mistakes by adding  more lines :P  … the result is a bit (ok not just a bit ) messy .. but it was fun drawing it … … about his left hand … you may wish to know what is gathering  around it :P well the answer would be … I have no idea :P .. left hand was way too messy (It didn’t look like a hand >_< )so I did this “special ” thing gathering around :P  lol
And this is the first time i used a program on the computer to color a picture.. damn that wuz very difficult.
Thought about uploading some shit again. So here's an art I sketched 2 weeks ago and scanned today. Also digital coloured in PS CS. Its sort of a new style, although it looks like a STANDARD AIKUZA art XD. But I still like it someway. When I have more time, I'll fix a greater art, but for now, this is it. Hope you like it, cause I like you too!!!! CHOOK CHOOK!!
I've lost my motivation to draw the last few weeks. I just can't come up with something cool. This is what I could make with the remaining inspiration I had *hehe*
now this is a real doodle XP
Def Character
this yet another maid i drew i like to draw frilly costumes u c and maids seem to b perfect 4 that im surprised that there isnt a maid catorgorie ^-^
Another Request for someone from DA. Was also supposed to be chibi...meh
Page one of my old first chapter for my manga story. I am looking for an artist, too...
Belated birthday present for Bride. Can't think of any better background, oh well, I still like the design though :D -- Ink: Pilot G-tech, Color: Photoshop 7, Time Spent: 16 hours.
new short manga cocept char.
im really happy with this one. Comments and Crits would be appreciated greatly.