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it's sunday... nothing better to do so colored couple of pics from    mws members drawings. this one was by: yurusanzo, nice sketch.
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versstyle it's sunday... nothing better to do so colored couple of pics from mws members drawings. this one was by: yurusanzo, nice sketch.
Def Character 2006-10-08 17:18:36 Dude we love those kinds of actions but germaine by the original artist 6^^ aphrodites wasn't white...
Merink 2006-10-08 19:26:53 The colors are amazing but germaine is black and japanese, and she had a black streak in her hair...
Merink 2006-10-08 19:27:13 Oh yeah she has grey eyes
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-09 13:34:46 If it wasn't germaine, I'd love it! But since it is germaine and she doesn't quite look like germaine... I think she's scary. Again >.> But you did do a nice job on the coloring ^^ Keep it up!
yurusanzo 2006-10-10 03:08:09 lol...tag your it :), nice color work unforutunatly...well i wont repeat the problem...roflmao...kick ass tho :)
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Random art
ruby, one of my newest chars. she 100% in love with edward elric (full metal alchemist ©)
with these abs who needs a triforce
A quick sketch of a friends character....wich she asked me to make a chibi like version off.... I only like the face XD
just a random sketch..i like it though
i'm new to drawing manga but i willing
to take advice because i want to make
professional manga one day so please
help me
Chibi o.O
Messy, over done doodle (=3=)''
Some other sketch i made. But im bad with faces.
My first ever upload. Artwork done on paint. 30th october 2010
Couldn't help myself, I needed to DRAW something of my own besides working on these comic inks ^^;.<br><br>

Sketched my character Bee out in the back of the van on the way home from work, redesigning her to fit me a little better. Long untamed bangs that can only be held back by two ponytails, jeans torn at the heels, ink all over my hands and face, and tired baggy eyes ^^;.<br><br>

Still chibi though. Pencils and inks on cardstock, circles done with a compass, scanned and toned in Photoshop 6.<br><br>

Done just tonight.<br><br>

Now.. *yawns* back to work... X3<br><i>~~Bee 4/2006</i>
from xmen can u guess who ?
just came back for my famly trip
ok guys, i swear, this is it. Her final design, i am no longer changing her evvveeeer again. I think i will do one for each character, fun stuff

what cha think
LostJamie. A series I'm writing. In my head. xD
Here's a collab-groupboarddoodle with Cowboy Bebop theme made by Lozz & me.  On the forum we have an "The Project! An Homage to your favorite series!" -thread in the Art Talk section. Where some the regulars are drawing for at the moment. The first homage we voted for is Cowboy Bebop.  Ehm Dustin when was that dealine again 6^^
Def Character