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here she is colored. man I still need to practice coloring XD
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Shinfate here she is colored. man I still need to practice coloring XD
Def Character 2006-10-02 17:51:18 Great colouring only her name is faded...
lotsofblood 2006-10-02 21:56:16 cool
yurusanzo 2006-10-04 00:24:04 your coloring is awsome to me
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-04 11:10:08 Wow, very great. Except her panty's a bit too low.. Nvm, I Love it <3
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Random art
a transformable cyborg for me renegade series. her.. yes, her name's jet. go figure what she can transform into. jet (c) emerson tung.
Literaly my FIRST coloring done with photoshop, completely experimental i didnt even outline the pic before scanning lol. This would be Zanake Kanata the main char of my manga, of course alot of things about him will be in alot simpler form in manga, such as hair lol. anyway, any tips on colorin eyes? X-x
tried to draw someone in a different age group - she still turned out looking a little older than I hoped.
He is a hero that I created, and his name is Esconar.
Well, I used to watch every X-men ep on tv, and on a (once again) nothing-to-do evening I made this drawing of a girl in X-men style. Haven't got a name for it, any suggestions?
line art for know 
i dont know what colors to use
Character for my first manga.
Name: Arayne Seru, Age: 20
Kurosaki Ichico by Tite Kubo, Bleach
I'm not sure if this is from an existing anime/manga (if so, please tell me!^_^), but I saw this picture in a book and decided to draw it! ^_^
Anubis (in one of his forms)
Random MSPaint doodles thrown together. two of my OCs, Ling (FMA), Bakura (YGO), and me. 8D;
I'm back! yaay my scaner is working again ^_^ well this is old art...but i love it!
Sonic! Yeah, you know, from back in the day...anyway this is one i did from last year,i decided to put it up as one of my first ones. ENJOY!  ^,^
Ahhh, just trying over new coloring grounds, that's all