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here she is colored. man I still need to practice coloring XD
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Shinfate here she is colored. man I still need to practice coloring XD
Def Character 2006-10-02 17:51:18 Great colouring only her name is faded...
lotsofblood 2006-10-02 21:56:16 cool
yurusanzo 2006-10-04 00:24:04 your coloring is awsome to me
Wicked_Lady 2006-10-04 11:10:08 Wow, very great. Except her panty's a bit too low.. Nvm, I Love it <3
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Random art
Hey, I was suddenly in a mood for uploading after how many months? Yeah I apologize for not doing it sooner as I promised, but yeah. dat was het gewoon. Anyway, here's concept art I made for my schoolproject which is already finished btw. It's the leadcharacter of our anime. Exposition is 31rd may at grafisch lyceum rotterdam. It is a 3d animation. Wanna see, contact me. - JIM
This was done in ballpoints during one of the many boring days on my job....where I can draw. Jay! I hope you can give some C&C on this since I wish to improve a lot. I know the shoulders are way too large...I always draw them like this >_<
hello folks! been long i didn't upload.. did this one last night.. again some random sketch i picked up.
I'm working on this mini comic thingie cos school is out and i need practice, so this is a character... layout.. sketch i guess. Germiane is 12 here
Atemis Lunar, now in color! :D<br>
The silver/gray moon on his forehead turns red-orange when both boons are in alignment. (his planet has two moons, a small blue and a large red-orange) Also, as part of his religion, he moon dances whenever either is full . . . naked. ^_~ (I'm still working on a pic of that)<br>
You can find a wallpaper version on this pic, with more info about Artemis, at <a href="">my  Deviant Art page</a>.
just a mercenary
My elf draft what do you think
sailor jupitor!

HB pencil

so i had to draw hands fro my har teacher.... so i did sailor jupitor! her eyes are really close together... but whatever, thats the biggest flaw and its not THAT bad.
i made this work because i got inspiration of bleach really. :P
Cypris from Britain.

For better quality and size of the pics, please, visit my Deviantart.
A short one page that I drew for practice. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
i sketched this because i liked the story behind it (imagend myself) the boy is suppose to look like a warchild, thats wy i suited him a armycoat and gave him a bit whoolie hair. the background explains the rest

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evil lizard
iv decided all the ink i do is gonna go in the sketch catigory.. cause i colour everything i do... this is a pic of my eye