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here I am with another line art ^^ I'm going to color her in the future
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Shinfate here I am with another line art ^^ I'm going to color her in the future
SAM 2006-10-02 02:15:27 Uhm wel leuk maar der gezicht is beetje plat als een masker zeg maar. Voor de rest altijd beter dan moi :P
Def Character 2006-10-02 02:42:52 Almost clean lineart... Please do colour it...^^
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Random art
This is a good couple of years old now, it's page 6 of my comic Friction Burn. I got 8 pages done before my computer crashed on me back then. Went a bit overboard with trying stuff on this page, it's way too busy and doesn't flow smoothly enough for me.
 I really don't like this piece, but I will show you guys anyway. :/
Commission I did quite a few years ago. This was my first full fledged greyscale image and one of my earlier experiments to see how well I got along with using a fair amount of black in an image. The screentones I made for this were rather crude and I've learned a lot since then...I keep on meaning to make some more.
My version of Archer of the Gorgonites. ^_^
pencil no jutsu
Manga Art
A nice kitty, this I drawed next to my computer. I was verry bored, so look at him with a big smile :D
Quick drawing I made to get back into coloring stuff. Been a while since I last posted here, just been kinda busy, lol
i feld like drawing somthing strange,
it worked out^_^
A ninja girl that I drew for Desty Nova to color. This is my first time digitally inking something. Guess I should practice that a little more. ^_^;;
This is Diana. Hopefully you'll see it colored soon!
Manga Art
a demon ninja I was working on but got bored halfway through.  I wanted to put armor on his forearms and legs, but I couldn't come up with an idea that I liked.  I'll finish it at some point.
:DDD I spent so much time on the water and the clouds...I'm really bad at that stuff.  I can see so many mistakes right now...! >_<  But if you like this, please check me out at